Placement Testing

Stetson University is known for providing a rigorous academic experience. To that end, course placement procedures are outlined for several subjects to ensure that students are placed in the most appropriate courses. Brief descriptions of the placement procedures are outlined below; please see the program websites for further information.

Quantitative Reasoning

There is not a universal mathematics requirement enforced by the University. Instead, students are required to pass a course that is rich in quantitative reasoning. This is referred to as the Q requirement or the Q course. The mathematics and computer science department offers several courses to help students fulfill this portion of their general education requirements. Non-science majors may choose to take any of the MATH courses with numbers that begin with 11. The MATH 11X courses are designed to have no prerequisites and are geared toward liberal arts majors in general. Science and Business majors will likely have to take some form of calculus to fulfill the major requirements. Taking a calculus course will also satisfy the Q requirement. The first introductory courses are Calculus for Business Decisions (MATH 122Q), Calculus I with Review (MATH 130), and Calculus I with Analytic Geometry (MATH 141Q). Students who seek to enroll in one of these calculus courses must take the mathematics placement test; all other students that do not need calculus for their major are not required to take the math placement test. The placement test may be taken online at your convenience. Once you have taken the exam, your scores will be reported to the department and you will be contacted to let you know which courses you may register for. Please consult the Mathematics Department website for more information on the online math placement test.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Nancy Wilton ( or Dr. Lisa Coulter (

Writing Requirement

All incoming students must satisfy the Writing Requirement as part of their general education requirements by the end of their first year. One writing course must be completed with a minimum grade of C at the level of ENGL 101 or higher. Students who are bringing in credit for ENGL 101 (e.g., AP or IB scores) need to submit a Directed Self Placement to decide your own placement by answering a series of questions that will help you clarify the placement options, as well as the ways to make the most effective judgment in choosing a writing course.

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Modern Language Placement Exam

All students have the option to complete a modern language course (102 level or above) as part of their general education requirements, with demonstrated proficiency of a modern language being required for majors within the School of Business Administration. Students who have previously studied French, German, Russian or Spanish and wish to continue studying the same language at Stetson University must complete a placement exam.

Take the Language Placement Assessment here.

Technology Proficiency

Students in the School of Business Administration are required to demonstrate technical proficiency in four Microsoft Office applications. This requirement is broken down into two separate components:

  1. Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. Students must demonstrate proficiency in this area by passing an exemption exam that covers both applications. The exemption exam is offered periodically throughout the academic year.
  2. Proficiency in Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel. Students have the option of demonstrating proficiency by taking a second exemption exam covering these two applications or by completing a half-unit (two credit hour) course, BSAN 101 Information Technology II. Please note that satisfying the first component is not a prerequisite for enrolling in BSAN 101.

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Music Theory/Aural Training placement (music majors only)

Students who wish to exempt any level(s) of music theory or aural training instruction will be given a placement test on the Monday prior to the beginning of classes in August.

Music Ensembles (majors and non-majors; choirs, band, orchestra and jazz band)

Auditions for seating into all music ensembles will take place before classes begin in August. For more information, contact, or review the School of Music's audition page.