Placement Testing

Stetson University is known for providing a rigorous academic experience. To that end, course placement procedures are outlined for several subjects to ensure that students are placed in the most appropriate courses. Brief descriptions of the placement procedures are outlined below; please see the program websites for further information.

Quantitative Reasoning

Students are required to complete an online math placement exam prior to registering for their math course. Scores on this exam will inform placement into specific math courses (MATH 122Q, 130 or 141Q) as well as guide students and their advisors in choosing an appropriate Q course. The exam was designed by the Mathematical Association of America and is the most widely used test for mathematics placement in the United States. Students may take the test online at their convenience. Students who do not earn a score sufficient for placement into MATH 122Q, 130 or 141Q have the option of enhancing their math skills by enrolling in a non-credit, online course before reattempting the placement exam.

An orientation and training video for the course offered through Hawkes Learning Systems. Students may retake the placement test after making sufficient progress in the online course.

Complete the Math Placement Exam:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Java installed on your computer.
  • Access the exam website.
  • Create an account by selecting Register on the log-in screen; be sure to keep your log-in information in a safe place.
  • Once you establish your account, you may take the test at your convenience.
  • Please note that there is a 30-minute time limit.

If you have any questions, contact Tom Vogel.

Writing Requirement

Writing at Stetson University

Writing is Communication.

Writing is Thinking.

Writing is Understanding.

Writing is Learning.

Writing is Living.

At Stetson University and beyond, writing effectively takes many shapes. You may need to translate charts of data, compile reports on experiments, summarize a critical argument, take an informed position on a complex issue, challenge an established viewpoint, or interpret a complicated text. Complex skill sets like these involve understanding the expectations, thinking about audience, and deciding what kinds of evidence you need to shape a given assignment.

Students at Stetson learn to write well by getting a deep immersion in a college culture that rewards intellectual challenge, engagement, and sustained inquiry. In each of the four required courses that make up the University Writing requirement, students will learn more deeply and retain that learning for longer, bringing it to the challenges they encounter across our disciplines. Writing intelligently is something all our faculty expects, in Sciences, Marketing, and Music History as well as in English, Anthropology, and Religious Studies. You’re not alone--our Writing Center tutors support students one on one as they develop into sophisticated, significant thinkers and writers; the Writing Fellows work in classroom situations to help meet professor and student needs. At Stetson, writing well is thinking well; our graduates go out and change their worlds as a result.

Seek out writing experiences in all your coursework. Seek out writing-enhanced courses - they're easy to find. Stetson doesn't expect you to master the skills you need in one class like ENGL 101 - we expect you to learn continuously, from each of your experiences with our faculty. So indulge your curiosity! Take the courses you're interested in, and you’ll learn to write from experts in those fields.

Modern Language Placement Exam

Have you taken at least two years of foreign language training in high school? This is a great start and we encourage you to build on that foundation. By taking Stetson’s online placement test this summer in the language that you studied, you can place into the most appropriate class during your first semester at Stetson.

The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers classes in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese. You can fulfill the language requirement by completing a class in any of these languages at the 102 level or higher. If you’d rather take a new language, you don’t need to take the placement test; you simply start at the 101 level.

To take the online placement test for Spanish, French or German, follow these instructions:

Go to, and follow these instructions:

  1. Use the drop-down menu under "Please choose your account from the list below," and then press the Go button to select Stetson.
  2. Enter this password: hatters2016.
  3. Select the language in which you wish to take the placement test and then press the Begin button.
  4. Complete the first four lines of your identifying information; be sure to enter your Stetson ID number (beginning with 800) and your email address.
  5. Fill out the survey section about your prior experience with the language. If you leave this section blank, you will be required to retake the test. Complete the placement exam and submit it.

For Russian, you should schedule a meeting with the head of Stetson's program in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies, Michael Denner, Ph.D.; For Arabic, Portuguese and Chinese, contact the Chair of the Department of World Languages and Cultures, Yves-Antoine Clemmen, Ph.D., to schedule a meeting with the appropriate instructor.

If you have any questions, please email or call us at 386-822-7345. You can also speak with your summer advisor about your desire to study a language at Stetson.

Technology Proficiency

Students in the School of Business Administration are required to demonstrate technical proficiency in our Microsoft Office applications. This requirement is broken down into two separate components:

  1. Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. Students must demonstrate proficiency in this area by passing an exemption exam that covers both applications. The exemption exam is offered periodically throughout the academic year.
  2. Proficiency in Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel. Students have the option of demonstrating proficiency by taking a second exemption exam covering these two applications or by completing a half-unit (two credit hours) course, BSAN 101 Information Technology II. Please note that satisfying the first component is not a prerequisite for enrolling in BSAN 101.

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Music Theory/Aural Training Placement (music majors only)

Auditions for seating into all music ensembles will take place before classes begin in August. For more information, contact, or review the School of Music's audition page.