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Academic Advising

Academic Advising encompasses a comprehensive support network of faculty advisors, professional staff, peer leaders and other administrative staff. The central mission is to empower students with the necessary information, resources and support to explore a full range of opportunities for academic achievement and personal fulfillment and the realization of their highest potential. The program's hallmarks include personalized faculty advising and mentoring, a supplementary Advising Center, a comprehensive online advising handbook called "Advising Matters," advanced degree audit technology, and a peer leader support team.

Faculty Advising

With an emphasis on personalized instruction and support, faculty mentoring is at the core of academic advising. All students are a assigned a "primary advisor" who works individually with them to provide guidance in a number of areas including course selection, major requirements, progress toward degree completion, post-graduation planning, etc. Students who have declared a major are assigned a primary advisor within that field; while those who have yet to declare are matched with a specially-designated "Discovery Advisor."

Advising Center

Conveniently located in the Office of Career and Professional Development, the Advising Center offers supplemental advising support to students. With a focus on Discovery advising, Advising Center staff work individually with students to provide guidance regarding major selection, general education requirements, academic policies and procedures, and student success resources. While visiting the Advising Center, students also have the opportunity to consult with Career and Professional Development staff and take advantage of the many helpful Career and Professional Development resources available in our shared office.

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment with an Advising Center specialist, please call 386-822-7315 or send an email to

Advising Matters Website

The Advising Matters website is a comprehensive online advising handbook providing students and faculty quick access to important information and advice. This online resource can help students make well-informed decisions about which classes to take, how to choose a major, and how to handle difficulties that arise both academically and in the wider realm of life at the university.

Degree Audit Software

Degree Audit is a web-based tool empowering students with the ability to monitor their progress toward degree completion, view 'what if' scenarios for possible changes to a major/minor, and calculate hypothetical GPA outcomes.

For more information regarding Degree Audit and video tutorials please visit the Degree Audit Training website.

Peer Leaders

Upper-division peer leaders meet with first-year students periodically to remind them of important academic deadlines and policies, help them enroll in classes on Banner and perform degree audits, and refer them to advising and student success resources as needed.

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