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Program Overview

Stetson University's Master of Accountancy (M.Acc.) online program is a part of the M. E. Rinker Sr. Institute of Tax and Accountancy. The program is specifically designed to ensure that students and busy professionals meet the academic requirements for the CPA examination and continue on to successful, fulfilling accounting careers. The online M.Acc. provides professional accountants with the necessary range of knowledge and practical skills.

The program consists of ten courses that provide the additional 30 hours required for CPA licensure in many states. The M.Acc. is intended to complement a student's undergraduate foundation courses and CPA review preparation. For example, a student wishing to take the audit section of the CPA exam will find information in the Advanced Auditing and Contemporary Issues in Accounting Information Systems courses that better prepare them for that section. Or if one was preparing for the regulation section of the CPA exam, taking Contemporary Issues in Business Law and Tax Research prior to completing this section would enhance their knowledge and their success rate.

M.Acc. courses are five weeks in length with three start dates per year. The curriculum was designed specifically with the working accountant's schedule in mind. A two-week break is provided in late December for the holidays. The Stetson University's online M.Acc. program consists of ten courses:

  • Advanced Accounting Theory (ACCT 563)
  • Advanced Auditing (ACCT 516)
  • Cases in Financial Accounting and Reporting (ACCT 509)
  • Contemporary Issues and Cases in Managerial Accounting (ACCT 521)
  • Contemporary Issues in Business Law (BLAW 507)
  • Data Analytics for Accountants (ACCT 510)
  • Information Technology and Business Strategy (ACCT 591)
  • Current Issues in Accounting (ACCT 511)
  • Governmental and Not-for-Profit (ACCT 508)
  • Tax Research (ACCT 503)