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Hurricane Preparedness Luncheon

Tom Iovino met thunderous applause from students when he came to Stetson Law’s Gulfport campus on August 23 to discuss preparations for a busy hurricane season. As the guest speaker of Stetson’s annual hurricane preparedness luncheon, Mr. Iovino’s delightful blend of humor and information once again proved that knowledge and fun can swirl together to create a wonderful student event. Thanks to the flood of useful tips and tools provided by Mr. Iovino, preparing for hurricanes should be a breeze for those lucky students in attendance.

Hurricane season officially started June 1, 2012, and lasts through November 30. Due to its proximity to both the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, Florida is particularly susceptible to a whirlwind of hurricane and tropical storm activity. Students will remember the risk that Hurricane Isaac posed to Tampa Bay before changing course at the last minute. However, other hurricanes and major tropical storms may follow, a number of which will have their eyes set on Florida.

The majority of hurricane activity occurs between mid-August and mid-October. As such, Mr. Iovino’s speech came at just the right time, particularly for students new to the state who may have never experienced a hurricane. But new residents are not the only ones who were blown away by Mr. Iovino: “I certainly learned a lot on what to do for a hurricane,” said attendee Bradley Muhs. “Even though I’ve lived in Florida for a long time, it’s always a good idea to have a plan.”

A downpour of thanks go to Mr. Iovino and the Office of Residential Life for putting on such a great event.

Several Students, Faculty and Staff gathered to learn tips and tricks from the pros of hurricane preparation. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Tom Iovino speaks to the Stetson Law community.