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Students jumping in air at Hampton Court

Tuition and Expenses - Autumn in London

All students must pay a $200 nonrefundable tuition deposit and $100 housing deposit. If you choose not to obtain Stetson housing, your $100 housing deposit will be applied toward your tuition balance. 

Tuition includes:

  • Maximum seventeen hours ABA approved law school credits in fall semester program.
  • Access to Farraday House, law library, computers, and Internet.

Tuition does not cover housing, transportation to and from London, ground transportation in London, passport or visa expenses, medical insurance, meals, textbooks, student personal supplies, and vacation travel.

Additional Expenses

Students at a London Cathedral Students make their own arrangements to travel to London. The cost of airfare should range from $1,500 to $2,000. Travel expenses within London will depend on the location of your housing.

You may purchase a London travelcard on a monthly basis, which will help considerably in cutting expenses. Information about travelcards and transportation in London will be provided to all program registrants. Meal expenses will vary, but it is possible to eat very inexpensively in London through student cafeterias or cooking your own meals in your apartment.

Stetson requires all students participating in study abroad programs to obtain health insurance coverage for travel outside the U.S. Stetson has secured an insurance plan with Chartis. A charge of $275 for the entire Autumn in London program will be charged to each student's account participating in this program. Students are encouraged to review the Frequently Asked Questions on the Chartis website. For assistance, please contact the International Programs Office.

Financial Aid (for Stetson Students)

Federal financial aid is available for those who qualify. Students interested in receiving federal financial aid for study abroad programs should contact the Office of Admissions and Student Financial Planning at 727-562-7802.

Financial Aid (for non-Stetson Students)

Students from other law schools may also be eligible for financial aid assistance from their home schools. We will provide students with a summary of estimated expenses for the trip and students should plan to budget for such expenses.

Tulsa Law students should apply for financial aid through their Financial Aid Office.

Non-Stetson and non-Tulsa students should apply for loans through their home schools. Non-U.S. students should contact organizations in their home countries to inquire about the possibility of financial assistance. Students interested in financial aid should contact their respective financial aid offices well before the application deadline to ensure timely availability of funds.

All non-Stetson and non-Tulsa students participating in financial aid must have their school's financial aid office send Stetson University College of Law (the administrator of the program) a Consortium Agreement.

Please have your school send your consortium agreement to:

Stetson University College of Law
Attention: Office of Admissions and Student Financial Planning
1401 61st Street South
Gulfport, FL 33707

Phone: 727-562-7802
Fax: 727-384-3331