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London Street

Internships - Autumn in London


Stetson student discusses her internship in London.


The Autumn in London Internship Program seeks conscientious and hard-working students who possess a high level of professionalism and dedication that reflects well on both the program sponsor and administrator and the internship host, whether a law firm, public interest organization, or government agency.

Students selected for a internship must work at the internship site at least one full day (8 hours) each week and be available on an "as and when needed" basis at other times.

Students will be selected based on interviews with the U.K. internship director, Professor Kathleen Hallisey, and the internship supervisor at the internship host. In addition, an essay and/or interview with Stetson's Assistant Dean of International Programs may be required. Students are not guaranteed an internship placement, and may not know whether they are selected until they reach the U.K. and interview for positions.

Students will be selected in large measure based on their demonstrated aptitude to perform well in a "work-placement" environment as evidenced by one or more of the following accomplishments to date:

  • maintaining an above-average grade point average in law school;
  • holding a leadership position on a law journal or other student organization;
  • prior work history;
  • successful placements in clinics, internships, externships, or similar experiences;
  • having subject-matter exposure of relevance to the type of placement sought.

For certain internships, e.g., the Crown Prosecution Service, students may be required to submit to a mandatory U.K. background search. Also, students must verify their visa eligibility to participate in an internship with Stetson's Assistant Dean of International Programs.

Because the work expectations for an internship participant can be quite high, students are advised against participating unless they are willing to devote the necessary time and effort to make such a placement a successful one. Participation may result in students having to forego some weekend travel opportunities.

Students who wish to apply for a internship must submit their resume and a cover e-mail indicating interests and qualifications to Student Internship Director Kathleen Hallisey at no later than June 1. For additional details or questions, please e-mail Professor Hallisey.

All students enrolled in an internship in London will require a Prior Entry Clearance Visa. You are advised to begin the application process three months prior to your projected entry into the U.K. Students not enrolled in an internship are not required to obtain this visa.

List of Prior Externship Placements

1. 2012 Olympic Committee
2. Amicus (Anti-Death Penalty Campaigners)
3. Austin Ryder & Co Solicitors (North London Solicitor Firm)
4. James Bailey Barrister - New Square Chambers
5. Bracher Rawlings (City Solicitor Firm)
6. Christian Khan (Prominent UK Criminal Defence Firm)
7. City of London Law Society (Regulatory Group for City Solicitors)
8. Crichtons Solicitors (Insolvency Practitioners)
9. Crown Prosecutor's Office
10. Data Guidance
11. Davies Arnold Cooper (City Solicitor Firm)
12. Davidson Morris Solicitors
13. E-Commerce Law Direct (Law Publishers)
14. EU Women's Project
15. Eversheds LLP
16. Fair Trials Abroad (Assists Europeans on Trial Outside the EU)
17. Field Fisher Waterhouse (IP/IT Law Firm)
18. George Moore - Barrister
19. H4 Partners Ltd. Law Firm Management Consultants
20. Huron Consulting
21. Just for Kids Law
22. Laura Devine Solicitors
23. The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games
24. Mahnaz Malik, Solicitor, International Institute of Sustainable Development
25. Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture
26. Orrick (US Law Firm)
27. Reprieve (anti-Guantanamo Bay campaigners)
28. Squire Sanders & Dempsey (US Law Firm)
29. Stop the Traffik
30. Transatlantic Law (US Law Firm)
31. Vahib Solicitors (North London Solicitors)
32. Youth Justice Board
33. Solicitors' Pro Bono Group
34. Sports Resolutions (Sports Mediation Service)
35. Woolwich Crown Court - His Honour Judge Peter Murphy