Stetson University

Calendar - Autumn in London

Saturday, Aug. 15: Arrival in London
Sunday, Aug. 16: 9:30 a.m. - Orientation at Faraday House
  Cheese and wine reception for students and faculty
Monday, Aug. 17:

Classes begin at Faraday House

Monday, Aug. 24: Bank Holiday - No Classes
Tuesday, Aug. 25: Deadline for Course Add/Drop
Thursday, Nov. 5: Guy Fawkes Day celebrations -- bonfires and firework displays
Monday, Nov. 16:

Last Day of Classes

Evening - Program Reception and Group Photo, Faraday House

Tuesday, Nov. 17: Reading Period
Wednesday, Nov. 18: Exams Begin
Wednesday, Nov. 25: Exams End
Thursday, Nov. 26: Morning Thanksgiving Service at St. Paul's Cathedral, and late afternoon Thanksgiving Dinner in local restaurant
Friday, Nov. 27: Acorn accommodation closes


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