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Academic Program - Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Buenos Aires, Argentina study abroad program focuses on comparative law, business law and international human rights. Argentina provides a fertile backdrop for the study of each of these. With regard to comparative law, Argentina is a leader in the application of international and regional obligations within its domestic law; comparative law is thus an integral part of the domestic law of Argentina. With respect to business law, American companies, and thus American law firms, are engaged in significant business transactions with Argentine companies.


All students will be enrolled in four separate one-credit hour courses based on international law, with a focus on Human Rights and Political Institutions. Classes will generally meet during the mornings, Monday-Thursday, leaving afternoons and three-day weekends free for social events and travel. All courses will be conducted in English. This program includes the following modules:

  • How International Human Rights Law and the Decisions of Foreign Courts Affect Domestic Law in the United States and Latin America (International and Comparative Law in Domestic Litigation) (James Wilets, Nova Southeastern)
  • The Disappeared/Truth Commissions (Kirkland Grant, Charleston)
  • Patents, Human Rights, and the WTO (David Hricik, Mercer)
  • The Evolution of Argentine Political Institutions (Martin Böhmer, San Andreas School of Law, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

See Courses for a more complete description of the classes offered.

Classrooms: Pontificia Universidad Catolica Argentina Facultad de Derecho

The Argentina study abroad program will be held at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA), Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1300, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Stetson University College of Law leases class room space and other academic facilities from UCA for use in its study abroad program. Stetson and UCA have also entered into a Memorandum of Understanding that permits both student and faculty exchanges between the institutions. UCA does not publish its academic calendar on its website. However, UCA's academic calendar will be made available to all students by email in advance of the program.

The Pontificia Universidad Catolica Argentina Facultad de Derecho is a private university in the upscale Puerto Madero neighborhood of Buenos Aires. The law school is located in a newly constructed building with technologically advanced classrooms. The modern, spacious law library contains many legal resources, has plenty of study space, and has computer and e-mail facilities for student use. You may visit the Pontificia Universidad Catolica website at

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