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About Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires combines European charm and Latin American spirit. Located at the mouth of the Río de la Plata, Buenos Aires is a bustling metropolis shaped by its Spanish and French heritage. Buenos Aires is friendly to non-Spanish speakers and easy to traverse. The sophisticated city of Buenos Aires, with over 10 million people, is the center of Argentina's cultural, economic, legal, and social life. You'll enjoy dusk to dawn nightlife in its exuberant bars, charming street cafes, gourmet restaurants and sophisticated clubs. Your entertainment choices range from soccer to world renown opera, all easily accessible thorough a convenient, easily navigable transportation system, in a city friendly to non-Spanish speakers.

Although it is a large city, Buenos Aires is also a city of barrios, or neighborhoods, which make it a walker's delight. Most residents of Buenos Aires have lived in the same barrio all their lives, which gives each barrio a small town atmosphere in the heart of the great city. The old port area of La Boca has a carnival atmosphere with its brightly colorful painted tin houses, while San Telmo, home of the tango, is the city's Soho.

Argentina has experienced many of the same forces shaping its demographic make up as has the United States. Colonization gravely affected the indigenous population and the country experienced a huge tide of immigration in the late 19th century. Slavery, however, did not play as prominent a role as in the United States or neighboring Brazil. Moreover, and unlike the United States, Argentina has experienced recent large scale human rights violations at the hands of the former military government. The Argentine attempts to face and redress its human rights violations, especially those of its ousted military dictatorship, are unique and serve as a fascinating backdrop for the study of international human rights.

Buenos Aires is close to Montevideo and provides easy air connections to the ski resorts of the Andes. You can begin to explore Argentina at

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