Student Veterans Organization


The Stetson University College of Law Student Veterans Organization (SVO) is made up of full-time and part-time law students who are veterans, have family members who are veterans, or are students interested in veterans law and veteran issues.

Student Jeffrey Harvey leads a recent meeting of the Student Veterans Organization on the Gulfport campus.

The SVO endeavors to:

a. To create a network of students that includes: veterans; students who are family members of veterans; or students interested in veterans law and veteran issues. The network can assist Stetson students who are affected by veteran issues, help establish a community of support, and increase understanding of veteran issues.

b. To increase awareness of and participation in pro bono projects that address veteran issues. A goal of the organization would be to encourage members to form long-term relationships with other organizations for the goal of doing pro bono work.

c. To increase awareness at Stetson University College of Law of issues that affect both student veterans and the veteran community at large; by providing a forum for a collaborative discussion on how to best address, prevent and resolve veteran issues and issues that affect both the military and legal profession.


Kyle Short

Vice President
Jesse Morse

Isaac Lapidus

Breanne Whited


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