Stetson Republicans


Stetson Law School Republicans is an organization designed for the promotion of the political process. This organization provides a forum and outlet for the fair and open exchange of political ideals, perspectives and opinions in a non-confrontational, supportive and academic atmosphere. Stetson Law School Republicans promotes and advocates for political knowledge and the electoral process.

Students sitting behind rows of desks at Fall 2011 Meeting

Stetson Republicans Constitution (Doc)

Stetson Republicans ByLaws (Doc) 


Allison Dhand

Vice President
Chelsea Salmonsen

Andrew Long

Baylor Johnson

Elizabeth Buchwalter


Fall 2011 - An Alumni Perspective of Being a Stetson Law Republican

Professors Lee Coppock and Stephanie Vaughan speaking before students at meeting

(Professors Lee Coppock and Stephanie Vaughan)

 Fall 2011 - September 11 Tribute

Several American flags are planted outside as a September 11 tribute

Fall 2011 - Representative James Grant, Stetson University College of Law Alumnus

Representative James Grant speaks before group of students