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Law & Order


Law and Order is the criminal law student organization on campus. Throughout the year, we have speakers from the military's Judge Advocate General Corps, attorneys from the State Attorney's and Public Defender's Office, as well as private attorneys that focus on criminal law. Every year, we host the Salute the Troops Barbeque, which brings together students and the community to support our troops serving abroad by raising money and donations for the cause. We also coordinate the Advanced Trial Competition, sponsored by Shook, Hardy, & Bacon, which provides a great opportunity for those incoming students who may desire a litigation career. The winner of the competition is given a cash reward at graduation. If you have any questions, suggestions, or are interested in becoming a member of Law and Order, please contact President David Fernandez or Vice President Ceara Riggs. We have a lot going on and we hope to see you throughout the next year!


Faculty Advisor
Professor Charles Rose

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