Stetson University

Lambda Legal Society


The Lambda Legal Society provides a forum for exploring the legal issues faced by people identified as gay or lesbian. One of the goals of Lambda Legal Society is to provide tools young attorneys need to deal with the increasing number of gay and lesbian clients that come to us seeking legal protection. Students need not identify with any particular sexual orientation to belong.

AIDS Walk 2011
(AIDS Walk St. Petersburg ~ Fall 2011)


 Tom Adams

Megan Fernandez

 Adam Campbell

 Lee Page

Events Chair
 Lainie Wiltermood

Faculty Advisor
Joe Morrissey

Faculty Advisor
Ellen Podgor

Faculty Advisor
Jason Palmer


National Coming Out Day 2011 - Chalking on Campus

Colored chalk message on sidewalk reading National Coming Out Day Love Freely

Sidewalk chalk art around message Come Out

Sidewalk chalk message reading Love is Love

Sidewalk chalk art depicting two females

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