Eurolex Student Society


The purpose of the Eurolex Student Society shall be the following:

  1. To promote and study European law.
  2. To promote and study American-European comparative law and its current issues.
  3. To promote academic and professional interchange of opinions and experiences of law students and legal professionals.
  4. To promote expansion of Stetson's legal study opportunities among European and American law students.
  5. To promote goals and needs of all students interested in European law at Stetson University College of Law.
  6. To provide personal, academic, and professional support for the members of Eurolex Student Society; to assist Stetson University College of Law in creating and maintaining a healthy and prosperous environment for the study of law and self-development.
  7. To promote, develop and maintain networking opportunities.


Danko Borkovic

Vice President
Rachael Stanger

Aydin Bonabi

Olesea Collins

Roman Spiensao

Faculty Advisor
Professor Jason Palmer