Asian-American Law Student Association

Stetson's Asian American Law Student Association (AALSA) was created in 2004 by Grace Santos and Tanja Leung. AALSA is a chapter of the National Asian Pacific American Law Student Association. However, the founders wanted to be as inclusive as possible, so "Pacific" was omitted from the organization's name. 

AALSA was designed to:

  • Promote awareness of issues affecting Asian communities in general.
  • Promote awareness of Asian American Law Students background, history, culture, and heritage.
  • Focus upon the relationship of Asian American Law Students to their respective communities and to the legal system of the United States of America.
  • Articulate and promote the needs and goals of Asian American students in the Stetson University College of Law; to foster and encourage an attitude of professional excellence.
  • Provide personal, academic, and professional support for the members of AALSA; to aid Stetson University College of Law in creating and promoting a healthy and prosperous environment for the study of law and the personal development of its law students.
  • Aid, support, and assist in the recruitment of prospective Asian American students and to assist in their admission to Stetson University College of Law.
  • Create a working alumni-student directory in order to provide mentorships and information regarding opportunities for Asian American Law Students in the legal profession.


Matthew Ceriale

Ayodale Tan

Vice President  
Max Brown

Stephanie Molyneaux

Sy-woei Hao

Part-time Officer
Miles Sanchez


Faculty Advisor 
Valaine Paryzek


2008 Lunar New Year Celebration - The local community joined Stetson students, faculty and staff in celebrating the new year.

Food line outside at Sushi Night
Sushi Night (2007)  Food Line- Courtesy of Natasha Lum