Student Leadership Development Program

Leadership opportunities abound in student organizations, and students can further hone their skills in Stetson's Student Leadership Development Program. Established in 2003, the program offers regular workshops taught by judges, professors, attorneys and leadership training specialists.

The purpose of Stetson’s Leadership Development Program is to promote the holistic development of diverse leaders within our campus community by providing a guiding framework for student success in leadership development while preparing students with tools for effective citizenship, personal growth, and professional success.

The program consists of three main components:

1) The Student Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee aspires to instill a variety of effective leadership techniques in their colleagues through the presentation of speakers whom are active leaders in their communities, and through hands-on workshops where students will learn leadership techniques that they can take and apply to situations that may arise in both their lives and careers.

Committee members plan and implement leadership programs where students learn and develop leadership skills. Committee members are chosen through a competitive application and interview process.

2) The Leadership Development Educational Series

Consists of leadership luncheons, workshops, retreats and essay contests for leadership credit during the academic year.

The third Wednesday of each month, the program will offer Leadership Luncheons where a prominent community member will address the student body on a topic related to leadership in one of the following settings: problem solving, management, service, team-building, communication and community.

Each semester, the committee will host an evening Workshop for students where they will listen and participate in live discussion over leadership issues. They may also have the opportunity to take away leadership materials from the event that may be applied to situations that occur down the road in career, social, or other life scenarios.

Every spring, the committee will put on a weekend retreat where the group will employ a variety of hands-on activities and host interactive discussions with the students that will further enhance and reinforce the student’s proficiencies in the leadership categories above.

Each semester the committee will provide the students with a prompt for a voluntary essay contest hosted by the program. A small prize will be awarded to the student with the best response. Students will also be required to write a brief Capstone Essay reflecting on their experiences in the program and anticipating how their learning may be applied in their chosen careers.

3) The Leadership Certificate

Presented during the Honors and Awards Ceremony prior to the Commencement Ceremony to students who participate in 15 or more leadership programs during their law school career.

Students participating in the Leadership Development Program have the opportunity to receive a certificate of recognition at graduation. Successful completion of the program requires a total of 15 leadership credits plus a thoughtfully written capstone essay. Leadership credits may be obtained inthe following manner:

  • 1 point for each Leadership Luncheon [6 offered annually]
  • 2 points for each Workshop [1 offered per semester]
  • 4 points (minimally) for participation in the Retreat [1 offered during Spring]
  • 1 point for participation in an essay contest [1 offered per semester]

2016-2017 Committee Executive Board

SLDC Executive Chair
Kate Vinez

Deputy Chair of Marketing and Event Logistics
David Barrera

Deputy Chair of Program Development and Advancement
Nate Perry

Alexandra Robertson

Aman Dhaliwal

Dan Brown

Todd Scholl

Courtney Olivier

Danny Jacobo

Julia Boivin

Thomas Banks

Kelly Hawk

Katherine Holland

Emily Johnson

Charity Phillips


"The Student Leadership Development Program has been incredibly valuable to me in advancing my skills as a future lawyer. Whether it's knowing how to behave professionally in the courtroom, being able to host an event for peers or clients, or being able to recognize and utilize personality differences to make the best career fit for me, the program has allowed me to develop many skills, and every student should take advantage of it." ~ Stetson Student