Student Leadership Development Program

Leadership opportunities abound in student organizations, and students can further hone their skills in Stetson's Student Leadership Development Program. Established in 2003, the program offers regular workshops taught by judges, professors, attorneys and leadership training specialists.

The program consists of three main components:

1) The Student Leadership Development Committee
Responsible for leadership programming on campus.

  • Members plan and implement leadership programs where students learn and develop leadership skills.
  • Members are chosen through a competitive application and interview process.

2) The Leadership Development Educational Series
Consists of leadership luncheons, workshops, retreats and essay contests for leadership credit during the academic year.

3) The Leadership Certificate
Presented during the Honors & Awards Ceremony prior to the Commencement Ceremony to students who participate in 10 or more leadership programs during their law school career.

"The Student Leadership Development Program has been incredibly valuable to me in advancing my skills as a future lawyer. Whether it's knowing how to behave professionally in the courtroom, being able to host an event for peers or clients, or being able to recognize and utilize personality differences to make the best career fit for me, the program has allowed me to develop many skills, and every student should take advantage of it." ~ Stetson Student