J.D.-M.P.H. Dual-Degree

The College of Public Health of the University of South Florida (USF), and Stetson University College of Law now offer a dual-degree program for the Juris Doctor and Master of Public Health degrees for students satisfying specified requirements at both institutions. Both institutions are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and approved to award the M.P.H. and J.D. degrees respectively.

To be accepted to the dual-degree program, students must meet all admission requirements of both institutions. Students may complete the program within four years.

Students may count up to 9 hours of academic credit from the M.P.H. program towards J.D. elective credit and up to 9 hours of credit from the J.D. program towards M.P.H. credit requirements. All courses credited in this fashion need to be approved by the academic deans of both institutions. The mandatory "field experience" in the M.P.H. program will also qualify to satisfy the mandatory pro bono requirement of the J.D. program.

Students in the program will usually complete either one or two years of law school, after which they will spend a year studying at USF. After completing their M.P.H. study, students will return to Stetson to complete their law studies.

The goal of the dual-degree is to increase opportunities for interdisciplinary research, teaching and advocacy between Stetson and USF, and afford students at both institutions additional opportunities for career development.

A student who chooses to attain both the M.P.H. and J.D. degrees separately will study for five years to earn both degrees. Candidates for the dual-degree program will be able to complete the requirements of both degrees within 4 years of study. Students enrolled in the program will be able to integrate their studies so that candidates will have a foundation in both disciplines prior to completing study in either program.

The program envisions a student applying for both programs at the same time, although admitted USF and Stetson students can also apply.