Passion for compassion: Jessica Falkner J.D. ’14 helps victims of human trafficking and land grabbing in Uganda

In 2007, the U.S. Senate designated Jan. 11 as National Human Trafficking Awareness Day in the hopes of raising awareness to combat human trafficking. Jessica Falkner J.D. ’14 is working as a legal fellow with the International Justice Mission in Kampala, Uganda, Africa, to help victims of the growing epidemic of land grabbing and other gender based crimes. Jessica Falkner J.D. ’14 is working with… » Read more

Stetson students bring Florida leaders together for Black Lives Matter panel discussion

Professor Judith A.M. Scully (left) moderated a discussion about the Black Lives Matter movement with panelists (l-r) Naji Mujahid, Dr. Bennie Small, Kene Anusionwu, and Anthony Holloway.   Stetson Law community members listen to the Black Lives Matter panel discussion at the Gulfport campus on Sept. 6, 2016. NAACP Hillsborough chapter president Dr. Bennie Small, criminal defense attorneys Kene Anusionwu and Naji Mujahid and St.… » Read more

Professors Adams, Piccard and Scully lead Social Justice Advocacy Concentration program at Stetson

Starting in the fall semester, professors Kristen Adams and Ann Piccard will join Professor Judith Scully to lead the Social Justice Advocacy Concentration program at Stetson University. Together, these three professors will also lead Stetson’s pro bono efforts. Professor Judith Scully. Professor Kristen Adams. Professor Ann Piccard. Professor Judith Scully launched Stetson’s Social Justice Advocacy program in 2012 and invited Professor Robert Bickel to serve… » Read more

Racial disparity? Panel presents on race and the law

(L-R): Wm. Reece Smith Jr. Distinguished Professor of Law Judith Scully, Jamie Klapholz, Laila Abdelaziz and Thania Clevenger. Photo by SeanCarlo Lopez. On Oct. 14, a panel at Stetson Law presented on racial disparity and the law.  In April, a Tampa Bay Times story that received public outrage and national attention revealed that Tampa, Florida, police were disproportionately issuing tickets to people riding bicycles in… » Read more

Lambda shows its pride at St. Petersburg events

The Lambda Legal Society at Stetson participated in the annual St. Petersburg LGBT Pride Parade, on June 27 in St. Petersburg. The weekend parade followed the Supreme Court’s historic decision regarding gay marriage on June 26. Stetson Law students built a float, participated in the St. Petersburg LGBT Pride Parade. Photo by SeanCarlo Lopez. Stetson students participating in the parade event shared their perspectives. “It’s… » Read more

Social Justice Luncheon: What is Equal Justice?

Stetson University College of Law’s Social Justice Luncheon Feb. 4 on the Gulfport campus asked “What is Equal Justice?” Judge Michelle T. Morley J.D. ’86, circuit judge for the Fifth Judicial Circuit of Florida, led a discussion for Stetson Law students about the meaning of equal justice within the modern judiciary. (L-R): Professor Judith Scully, Judge Michelle T. Morley and Professor Robert Bickel. Photo by… » Read more

Dr. Kevin Quashie presents Social Justice Lecture

Dr. Kevin Quashie, a cultural studies and theory professor at Smith College, presented the Social Justice Lecture “Quiet, Justice, Love” on Oct. 15 on the Gulfport campus of Stetson University College of Law. Dr. Quashie’s lecture explored how the idea of quiet can impact characterizations of African-American culture, often linked with the idea of resistance and the yearning for justice. Dr. Quashie is the author… » Read more

Stetson students respond to President Obama’s new clemency initiative

The U.S. Department of Justice recently announced a new clemency initiative, designed to prioritize clemency applications for certain non-violent offenders who would likely receive lesser sentences if they were sentenced today. To date, more than 35 Stetson Law students have signed on to assist the Office of the Federal Defender for the Middle District of Florida in identifying former clients who may qualify for the… » Read more

Judge Vaughn Walker presents Nichols Foundation Prominent Speaker Lecture

Former Chief Judge Vaughn Walker of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California presented the Nichols Foundation Prominent Speaker Lecture at Stetson University College of Law on April 4. Judge Walker helped strike down California’s ban on same-sex marriage in 2010, the first federal court decision declaring a constitutional right to marry for same-sex couples. He also presided over several notable high-profile… » Read more

Stetson Law hosts Social Justice Lecture Series: Robert F. Kennedy adviser Peter Edelman speaks on ending poverty in the U.S.

» Watch entire video (1hr:26min) of Peter Edelman’s lecture Stetson University College of Law hosted a public Social Justice Lecture Series discussion on Oct. 17 with former Robert F. Kennedy adviser Peter Edelman about ending poverty in the U.S. (L-R): student Jennifer Quijano, Professor Peter Edelman, Professor Robert Bickel, and student Andona Zacks-Jordan. Photo by Kayla Minton (2L). Edelman spoke at 7 p.m. on Stetson’s… » Read more