Roy Gardner & Lance Long

Professors Roy Gardner and Lance Long presented a poster of Research & Writing II-Environmental Advocacy Class at the 2013 AALS Annual Conference in New Orleans.… » Read more

Lance Long

Professor Lance Long gave a presentation entitled “Are Bad Writers Bad Lawyers?” at the Western Regional Legal Writing Conference at the University of Oregon on August 10, 2012.  Professor Long’s presentation highlighted  his latest research suggesting that  lawyers who commit careless errors (poor grammar, typos, and other syntactic errors) in legal briefs and memoranda submitted to a court are more than twice as likely to… » Read more

Kirsten Davis, Brooke Bowman, Lance Long & Stephanie Vaughan

The President of the Legal Writing Institute has made the following committee appointments for the 2012-14 term: Brooke Bowman, Moot Court Committee Kirsten Davis, Co-Chair, Scholarship Development and Outreach Committee Lance Long, Co-Chair, Prelaw Committee Stephanie Vaughan, Global Skills Committee… » Read more

Lance Long

Professor Lance Long presented “Are Bad Writers Bad Lawyers?” on Friday, August 10, at the Second Annual Western Regional Legal Writing Conference, hosted by the University of Oregon Law School.… » Read more

Kirsten Davis, Lance Long and Jason Palmer

Professors Davis, Long, and Palmer recently gave a panel presentation entitled “Subject-Focused Legal Writing Classes: What, Why, and How We Did It” at the Rocky Mountain Legal Writing Conference held at Arizona State University in Tempe Arizona.… » Read more

Professors Blake Hudson and Lance Long

Professors Blake Hudson and Lance Long recently organized and participated in a panel discussion entitled “Crafting Viable Sub-National Forest Management Standards in a Time of Urbanization and Climate Change” at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference held at the University of Oregon.… » Read more

Kirsten Davis, Lance Long, and Catherine Cameron

Professors Kirsten Davis, Lance Long, and Catherine Cameron recently organized and presented the latest webinar in Stetson’s innovative and successful “Virtual Legal Writing Conference.”  This conference, “Legal Writing Scholarship:  Empirical and Statistical Studies,” included presentations from a panel of leading scholars in legal writing empirical studies and statisticians who have partnered with legal writing scholars in publishing empirical work.… » Read more