How do we protect our children? Student advocates for reform in cases of abuse

Think back to your childhood, and your clearest memories of that time. Maybe you recall details of a family vacation, your best friend, a move that took you to a new city or a new school. SeanCarlo Lopez is a second-year student at Stetson Law. Perhaps what you recall most is a terrible tragedy that changed your life forever. Now imagine preserving that childhood memory… » Read more

Tampa Tribune February 2011 Professor Joan Catherine Bohl

Professor Joan Catherine Bohl spoke with the Tampa Tribune about custody battles over a beaten tot whose father faces child abuse charges.

The Palm Beach Post December 2010 Professor Robert Batey

Professor Robert Batey spoke with the Palm Beach Post about a woman pleading insanity in the death of an eight-month-old stabbing victim. The article was also picked up by FloridaToday.