UN’s Bradnee Chambers addressed international students at Stetson

On April 16, Bradnee Chambers, executive secretary of the United Nations Environment Programme Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals, delivered the Edward and Bonnie Foreman Biodiversity Lecture at Stetson. Bradnee Chambers spoke at Stetson. Chambers spoke to law students at Stetson and student teams who traveled from around the world to attend the 19th International Environmental Moot Court Competition at Stetson… » Read more

Former U.S. assistant attorney general lectures

Former U.S. Assistant Attorney General Ignacia Moreno spoke with students at Stetson University College of Law on March 11. Moreno discussed “Environmental Litigation in the 21st Century.” Former U.S. Assistant Attorney General Ignacia Moreno spoke with Stetson Law students in the Great Hall. Photo by Amadu Wiltshire. Moreno talked about the challenges she faced and overcame as a young person who came to the U.S.… » Read more

Students take a walk in the wetlands during winter break course

Students in Professor Royal Gardner’s winter break course took a walk through a cypress swamp and camped in the Western Everglades earlier this month. Stetson offered the intersessional course, “Topics in Biodiversity Law: The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands,” Jan. 5-9. Stetson Law students walked through wetlands in Big Cypress National Preserve as part of a winter break course on biodiversity law. Photo by 3L Joshua… » Read more

NOAA Fisheries biologist speaks at Stetson

Dr. John Carlson, a research fishery biologist with the National Marine Fisheries Service’s Southeast Fisheries Science Center in Panama City, Fla., presented the Edward and Bonnie Foreman Biodiversity Lecture on Oct. 8 at Stetson Law in Gulfport. Dr. Carlson discussed challenges in implementing regulations to help the endangered smalltooth sawfish species recover. Dr. John Carlson spoke at Stetson. Dr. Carlson has been a leader with… » Read more

Stetson’s Biodiversity Lecture focuses on Sargasso Sea conservation

Kate Killerlain Morrison kicked off the fall 2014 Edward and Bonnie Foreman Biodiversity Lecture Series at Stetson on Oct. 2. Morrison is deputy executive secretary for the Sargasso Sea Commission, a partnership effort led by the Government of Bermuda to protect the Sargasso Sea. The Sargasso Sea Commission was established to encourage and facilitate voluntary collaboration on Sargasso Sea conservation efforts. The Commission was established… » Read more

Students celebrate World Wetlands Day in the Everglades

First-year students in professors Royal Gardner and Lance Long’s Legal Research and Writing class had an opportunity to study environmental issues up close during a recent trip to the Florida Everglades. Students Alex Nicodemi, Beach Brooks, Tommy Mingledorff, Andrew Long and Professor Royal Gardner visit the Everglades. Photo courtesy Kayli Keough. Students camped and hiked through Big Cypress National Preserve in the Western Everglades. The… » Read more

National Wildlife Federation VP lectures at Stetson Law about climate change, flood insurance and wildlife protection

National Wildlife Federation leader John Kostyack ’86 discussed “Conservation in an Era of Intensifying Storms and Floods” at noon on Sept. 26 at Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport. John Kostyack spoke at Stetson Law on Sept. 26. Photo by Kayla Minton (2L). John Kostyack is vice president of Wildlife Conservation at the National Wildlife Federation and a Stetson Law alumnus. He addressed a… » Read more

Securing water resources the focus of Stetson’s Edward and Bonnie Foreman Biodiversity Lecture

Nick Davidson, Deputy Secretary General of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, presented “Natural Solutions for our Water Security” on March 21 at Stetson Law in Gulfport. The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, called the Ramsar Convention, is an intergovernmental treaty that provides the framework for national action and international cooperation for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources. Nick Davidson spoke… » Read more

Stetson professor, graduates, appointed to lead efforts to protect wetlands in the state, around the world

Stetson University College of Law professor, graduates, have been appointed to lead efforts to protect wetlands in Florida and around the world. Professor Royal Gardner and recent graduate Marcela Bonells have recently been appointed to leadership positions on the Ramsar Convention’s Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP). Stetson professor Royal Gardner (second row, fourth from the left) and recent graduate Marcela Bonells (second row, fifth… » Read more

International sea turtle expert Verónica Cáceres Chamorro discussed global collaboration, conservation at Stetson Law

Verónica Cáceres Chamorro, secretary pro tempore for the Inter-American Convention for the Protection and Conservation of Sea Turtles, talked to Stetson University College of Law students on Feb. 20 about the need for global collaboration and conservation. (L-R): Verónica Cáceres Chamorro and Professor Royal Gardner, director of Stetson’s Institute for Biodiversity Law and Policy. Photo by Charlyne Topiol. Cáceres Chamorro discussed threats to sea turtles… » Read more