Charlie Crist Speaks to Stetson Community

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist spoke to more than 200 Stetson Law students on Tuesday, April 12, in his new role as Distinguished Professorial Lecturer at Stetson University.

Crist Speaks in Stetson Law's Great Hall

Charlie Crist, former governor of Florida and a distinguished professorial lecturer at Stetson Law, speaks at the Gulfport campus on Tuesday, April 12.

Crist served as the prestigious Nichols Foundation Prominent Speaker. Previous speakers have included Supreme Court Justices and prominent leaders in the legal community and government.

Crist reflected on his experiences as Florida’s governor, attorney general, and education secretary. When asked about his greatest accomplishment as Florida’s governor, he replied “I think it was a new tone that we brought about in Tallahassee, a spirit of cooperation if you will.”

Crist greets first-year Stetson Law student

Crist greets a first-year Stetson Law student. The former governor spoke with students before and after his lecture.

He added that greater civility is critical in politics. “I have always found that in politics and in government, that if you work with others and show them respect, and listen, it is amazing what you can get accomplished.” He told students to carefully evaluate and watch for those candidates in the next national election “who will make you proud. I believe in my heart and soul that’s exactly what Floridians and Americans want.”

Crist speaks with media at the event.

Crist speaks with media at the event.

After ending his term as Florida’s governor in January, Crist went into a private law practice. He said that he enthusiastically enjoys the opportunity to work with students in a professorial role at Stetson.

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