Expert Witness Seminar, Dec. 10

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Manager of Media Relations

Stetson University College of Law’s Center for Excellence in Advocacy and Tirella Consulting will co-sponsor “The Art and Science of Expert Witnessing” on Dec. 10 at the Tampa Law Center, 1700 N. Tampa St.

The day-long program for practicing attorneys explores identifying and finding top quality experts, as well as preparation, presentation and ethics in expert witnessing.

“A top quality expert witness is often the key to convincing the jury that an attorney’s case is sound,” said Professor Charles Rose III, director of Stetson’s advocacy center and program chair. “This seminar will explore the fine art and technical science of finding and preparing the best expert witness for a case.”

Presenters will include the following:

  • Steven Cohen, witness and damage consultant for Cohen, Jayson, & Foster, P.A.
  • Richard Gilbert, complex civil trial practitioner listed among the best lawyers in America and in Florida
  • Jeffrey Goodis, Stetson Law honors graduate and trial team member who is among the state and nation’s best lawyers
  • Rosalie Hamilton, founder and president of Expert Communications and author of The Expert Witness Marketing Book
  • Christopher Knopik, recognized among the best lawyers in America and in Florida
  • Christopher Miller, Sr., president and founder of Suncoast
  • Alfred Tirella, a civil and criminal litigator with a trial practice in the areas of personal injury/medmal, criminal law and commercial litigation
  • David Theodore Tirella, trial attorney and founder of Tirella Consulting, a litigation support firm specializing in the selection and presentation of expert witnesses
  • Ed Suarez, among Florida’s best lawyers and a top leading American attorney who has practiced in the areas of financial crimes and fraud, felonies, criminal and personal injury
  • Scott Tozian, who represents attorneys in grievance proceedings and applicants for The Florida Bar, and provides expert witness services for legal ethics or malpractice matters

 To register, visit or call 813-228-0226.