Free Stetson Law program to help people understand end-of-life decisions

Contact Aaron Reincheld
Communications Specialist

Gulfport, Fla. – Stetson University College of Law will present a free workshop on living wills and other advance directives Wednesday, June 8, from 12-3 p.m. in the Great Hall of its Gulfport campus, 1401 61st St. S.

The program will show what steps are available to ensure a person’s wishes are followed, such as living wills and other advance directives. Several area elder law attorneys will address four topics: the different types of advance directives, the different ways to make an advance directive, how to talk to family members about wishes, and how to honor a directive.

“This workshop will help people understand the issues surrounding decision-making at the end of life,” said Professor Rebecca Morgan, director of Stetson’s Center for Excellence in Elder Law. “It’s very important for everyone to think about their wishes regarding end of life care, and we hope to guide people on what they need to consider.”

For more information, contact Darlene Krizen in the Center for Excellence in Elder Law at (727) 562-7393.