November 24- Stetson Law Professor Adams authors guide to succeeding in law school

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Gulfport, Fla. – Stetson University College of Law Professor Kristen David Adams has written a definitive work on succeeding in law school, “The Practice of Law School: Getting in and Making the Most of Your Legal Education.”

The book has been very well received by the legal community. Nancy Rapoport, dean of University of Houston Law Center, wrote, ” ‘The Practice of Law School’ is the only book I’ve seen that shows potential law students both the forest and the trees.”

Adams’ goal is to help prospective students and their families understand law school and what it means to be a lawyer.

“I wrote this book to inspire people to be excited about law school,” Adams said. “The book is intended to encourage students to personalize their experience with fulfilling activities and student law organizations.”

Adams co-authored the book with longtime friend and former colleague Christen Civiletto Carey, Esq.

“We want to help new and aspiring law students succeed at every stage of their law school experience,” Adams said.

“The Practice of Law School” covers critical steps between deciding where to apply for law school and taking the bar exam, including need-to-know basics such as proper dress and typical attendance and grading policies.

Adams believes life outside the classroom is important in preparing students to succeed inside the courtroom.

For example, Adams and Carey begin their chapter on pre-law preparation with the following: “Preparing for law school is not just about reading the right books, taking the recommended courses, or talking with enough lawyers. Instead, much of a future lawyer’s preparation involves experience: experience with coursework, with people, and with life itself.”

Dean David E. Shipley, of University of Georgia School of Law, wrote, “My daughter will be a 1L this fall, and I am recommending that she read ‘The Practice of Law School.’ I probably should make it required reading for all my first-year students!”

“The Practice of Law School” was published by ALM Publishing, a division of American Lawyer Media. It is available at various online booksellers and at

Adams graduated from Emory Law School with honors in 1995 and received the degree of Masters of Law from Yale Law School in 2000. While at Emory, she was a managing editor of the Emory Law Journal. Between her two law degrees, she was in private practice in Atlanta.

Adams recently spoke before the Southern Association of Pre-Law Advisors at their annual meeting in Durham, N.C.