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Meet the Editors

The Stetson Law Review is Stetson's premier academic journal, published three times each year. Each issue is presented in a symposium format to address contemporary legal topics. The Stetson Law Review editors and associates fully participate in the publishing process by soliciting, editing, and writing articles.

In addition to position-specific administrative functions, each editor on the executive board is responsible for guiding articles through the publication process. Editors exercise the competence, diligence, and communication skills that the practice of law demands. 

Contact Information:

Stetson Law Review • 1401 61st Street South • Gulfport, FL 33707
phone: 727-562-7800 ext. 7834, 7956 or 7957 • fax: 727-347-4873 • email:

Editor in Chief

 media/hoyle-cropped.jpg Erin J. Hoyle

Executive Editor

 media/prats-cropped.jpg Jacqueline Prats

Managing Editor

 media/Zoll-Alexander-web.jpg Alexander J. Zoll

Marketing Editor

 media/French-Alisa-web.jpg Alisa M. French

Research Editor

 media/allison-stevenson-web.jpg Allison Stevenson

Recent Developments Editor

 media/ashley-schachter-web.jpg Ashley Schachter

Articles & Symposia Editors

media/Brooks-Eric-web.jpg Eric Brooks
media/aimee-canty-web.jpg Aimee Canty
media/Merola-Danielle-web.jpg Danielle Merola

Notes & Comments Editors

media/darnesha-carter-web.jpg Darnesha Carter
media/sunai-edwards-web.jpg Sunai Edwards
  Kevin Lonzo
  Amanda Ortega

Assistant Editors

  Ethan Arthur
media/giovanni-arthur-web.jpg Giovanni Giarratana
media/L.Ashley.Panaggio.jpeg L. Ashley Panaggio
media/Tara.Petzoldt.jpeg Tara Petzoldt
media/Tryon-Melaina-web.jpg Melaina Tryon



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