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The J.D./Grado en Derecho curriculum at Stetson Law will include the regular J.D. required courses and the courses listed below. Note: This list is subject to change over the course of two years.

Courses at Stetson Law

  • International Law
  • International Litigation and Arbitration Law; International Sales of Goods and Arbitration or Conflict of Laws
  • Federal Income Taxation I; State and Local Taxation, Corporate Taxation or International Taxation
  • Human Rights Seminar; Human Trafficking; National &International & Immigration Issues; International Criminal Law or the Law of International Tribunals
  • Law, History and Philosophy; Jurisprudence or Comparative Legal System
  • Constitutional Law and Civil Rights Movement; End of Life Issues Seminar; Race and the Law Seminar or Law and Sexual Orientation Seminar
  • American Legal History
  • Western Legal Thought Seminar
  • Law and Economics; Public Finance Seminar or Antitrust Law

Courses at Universidad de Granada

  • Derecho Civil I, Derecho Civil II, Derecho Civil III y Derecho Civil IV
  • Derecho Constitucional I
  • Derecho Penal I y Derecho Penal II
  • Derecho Procesal I y Derecho Procesal II
  • Derecho Administrativo I and Derecho Administrativo Especial
  • Derecho Mercantil I y Derecho Mercantil II
  • Derecho Financiero I o Derecho Financiero II
  • Derecho Internacional Publico
  • Derecho del Trabajo
  • Instituciones y Derecho de la Unión Europea
  • Internship
  • Research Project
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