Stetson University

Foreign Language Initiative

Stetson University College of Law wants its law students to develop better foreign language skills. In an increasingly globalized legal environment, the ability to communicate in a foreign language is a great asset to practicing attorneys.

In an effort to assist in the development of language skills, the International Programs Office, in conjunction with Stetson's Dolly & Homer Hand Law Library, has entered into an agreement with Mango Languages learning software. Pursuant to the agreement, Stetson Law students can participate in a language development program offered completely online.

Under Mango Languages, click on the link that says Go To This Resource. Once in Mango Languages, users can create an individual account/profile with a username and password to keep track of progress, or users can use it anonymously by simply clicking the Start Learning button.

We hope that students will take advantage of this language-learning opportunity.

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