Ellen S. Podgor - Presentations


Gary R. Trombley Family White-Collar Crime Research Professor and Professor of Law

B.S., Syracuse University
M.B.A., University of Chicago
J.D., Indiana University at Indianapolis
LL.M., Temple University

White Collar Crime, Criminal Law, International Criminal Law

Fordham Law School

Criminal Justice Ethics Shmooze, Corporate Internal Investigations: Upjohn Meets Brady (New York, June 2014)

Association of American Law Schools (AALS)

Moderator: Plenary Session: Anti-Discrimination (Civil Rights Legislation) (Washington, D.C., June 2014)
Co-Moderator: Town Hall Meeting (Washington, D.C., June 2014)
Panelist: Best Practices in Online LL.M. Programs (New Orleans, January 2013)
Panelist: White Collar Crime’s Contribution to the Financial Crisis (New Orleans, January 2010)
Panelist: The Transformative Effect of International Initiatives on Lawyer Practice and Regulation: A Case Study Focusing on FATF and It’s 2008 Lawyer Guidance (New Orleans, January 2010)
Panelist: Workshop on Redesigning Legal Education (San Diego, January 2009)
Moderator: Section on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues - Breakout Session - Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Evidence (San Diego, January 2009)
Panelist: Academic Engagement: Creative Options for Teaching Part-Time Students (San Diego, January 2009)
Panelist: International Research (New York, January 2008)
Panelist: Integrating Transnational Legal Perspectives Into the First Year Curriculum (Criminal Law and Procedure Session) (Washington, D.C., January 2006)
Moderator: Integrating Transnational Legal Perspectives Into the First Year Curriculum (Criminal Law and Procedure Session) (Washington, D.C., January 2006)
Moderator: The Promise of Gideon: Unfulfilled? (Washington, D.C., January 2006)
Panelist: The Attorney-Client Privilege and the Potential Abuse of Public and Private Power (Atlanta, January 2004)
Panelist: Ethics In Criminal Advocacy (Washington, D.C., January 2000)
Co-moderator: Race and Criminal Law (New Orleans, January 1999)
Co-moderator: Permanent International Criminal Court (New Orleans, January 1999)
Speaker: New Officers’ Breakfast (New Orleans, January 1999)

Annual National Seminar on the Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Moderator: Healthcare Fraud (St. Petersburg, June 2014)
Moderator: Corporate Sentencing and Plea Negotiations (Orlando, May, 2013)
Moderator: Corporate Sentencing and Plea Negotiations (St. Petersburg, May, 2012)
Panelist: Ethical Issues and Sentencing (Orlando, May, 2011)
Panelist: United States Sentencing Guidelines: A Year in Review (St Petersburg, May, 2010)
Panelist: Fraud/Theft Offenses (Clearwater, May, 2009)
Panelist: A Research Perspective (Miami, June 2006)
Panelist: Are the Guidelines Working: A Research Perspective (Miami, May 2004)

Stetson University College of Law, Symposium, Taking Stock of Citizens United: How the Law Has (and Has Not) Changed Four Years Later

Speaker: The Risk of Corruption Collides with Free Speech (Gulfport, February 2014)

Southeast Association of American Law Schools (SEALS)

Moderator: The Constantly Evolving Law of Insider Trading in the United States (Palm Beach, August 2013)
Discussion Participant: Technology in Legal Education - Distance Learning and More - You CAN Do It! (Palm Beach, August 2013)
Moderator: White Collar/Federal Criminal Law/Business Crimes Pedagogy (Palm Beach, August 2013)
Moderator: Criminal Law Pedagogy (Amelia Island, August 2012)
Moderator: Overcriminalization: Is There a Problem to Solve? (Hilton Head, July 2011)
Moderator: Corporate Criminal Liability (Palm Beach, August 2010)
Panelist: Planning Your Scholarly Career (Palm Beach, August 2009)
Panelist: Teaching an Electronic Education Class (Palm Beach, July 2008)
Panelist: Mexican Curricular Reform Project: Overview of Criminal Law/Criminal Procedure Pedagogy (Palm Beach, July 2008)
Panelist: Advanced Issues in Distance Learning: The Do's and Don'ts (Amelia Island, August, 2007)
Panelist: Blogging (West Palm Beach, July 2006)
Panelist: Distance Learning/Course Sharing: “Best Practices”in Synchronous Distance Education (Hilton Head, July 2005)
Moderator: Civil Liberties and Terrorism (Kiawah Island, August 2004
Moderator: Representing Indigent Defendants (Amelia Island, July 2003)
Moderator: Using Technology in Teaching Law (Amelia Island, July 2003)
Panelist: Supreme Court Update (Kiawah Island, 2002)
Panelist: Crime and the Internet (Hilton Head, 2001)

Fifth Circuit Judicial Conference

Panelist: Supreme Court Update in Criminal Cases (Fort Worth, May 2013)
Panelist: Murder, Drugs, Money, & Goat Hair (New Orleans, May, 2009)

Texas Tech University School of Law

Faculty Speaker: Unleashing Scholarly Productivity (Lubbock, April 2013)
Moderator: When Are (Should) Juveniles (Be) Tried as Juveniles and When as Adults (Lubbock, April 2013)
Moderator: The First Amendment, the Internet, and the Criminal Law (Lubbock, April 2011)

Georgetown University School of Law - American Criminal Law Review

Moderator: Reducing Corporate Criminality: How We Got Here (Washington, D.C., March 2013)

Higher Education Conference on Law & Higher Education

Speaker: Combating White Collar Crime in Higher Education: Internal Investigations and Implications of the Freer Report (Orlando February 2013)

Northern District of California 2012 Judicial Conference

Panelist - Brady: New Challenges for Old Issues (Monterey California, April 2012)

George Mason University School of Law - Judicial Symposium on The Law & Economics of Crime and Punishment

Panelist - The Overcriminalization Problems – How They Impact the Justice System and the Role of the Courts, and Reforms that are Necessary to Restore Founders Intent (Fairfax, Virginia, April 2012)

Southeastern Chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries (SEAALL) 2012

Keynote Speaker: Get Social: Thinking Outside the Books (Clearwater Beach, March 2012)

Northwestern University Law School- Symposium on Overcriminalization

Introductory Speaker (Chicago, January 2012)

Southwestern University Law School

Faculty Presentation: Unregulated Corporate Internal Investigations: From Theory to Practice (Los Angeles, October 2011)

ABA National Institute on Securities Fraud

Panelist: Lawyers in the Cross-Hairs When Legal Advice Exposes Counsel to Criminal Charges and Civil Enforcement Remedies (New Orleans, November 2011)
Panelist: The Impact of Bloggers on Securities Fraud Investigations and Prosecutions (Washington, D.C., October 2009)
Panelist: Monitors: When, Why and How? Is Congressional Oversight Inevitable? (Arlington, Virginia October 2008)
Panelist: Dealing with Loss: From Sentencing to Restitution to Disgorgement (Washington, D.C. October 2007)
Panelist: Securities Fraud Sentencing After Booker (Washington, D.C., September 2006)

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL)

Panelist: Mind Games: Challenging Intent, Winning the Case (Fordham Law School, New York, September 2011)
Panelist: Judgment Day: The Supreme Court Rules on Honest Services Fraud (Washington, D.C. July, 2010)
Speaker: The Long Arm of the Law: Extraterritorial Application of US Criminal Liability (w/ Melinda Sarafa, New York, May 2008)
Speaker: Jurisdictional Issues in Computer Fraud Cases (San Diego, February 2006)
Moderator: Legal Ethics Presentation (Santa Fe, November 2005)
Panelist- State Legislative Conference: Using Technology to Enhance Your Advocacy and State Organization - Blogging (Portland, August 2005)
Topic: Getting It (Jencks) When You Need It (San Francisco 1999)
Panelist: Symposium: Strategic & Ethical Issues In Pre-Indictment White Collar
Representation (Boston, May 1997)
Topic: Mail, Wire, and Bank Fraud: Limiting the Limitless (Maui, February 1994)
Moderator: Ethical Issues In Crimes of Violence (Chicago, May 1996)

1st Annual West Coast NACDL White Collar Crime Seminar

Panelist: The Accidental Felon: Challenging the Expansion of the Willful Blindness Doctrine (Lake Tahoe, June 2011)

ABA National Institute on White Collar Crime

Panel: The Ethical and Legal Line Between Zealous Advocacy and Obstruction of Justice (San Diego, March 2011)
Panel: Ethical Issues in White Collar Cases (San Francisco, March 2009)

International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law (ISRCL)

Chair: Decriminalization – The Use and Abuse of Using the Criminal Law and International Mutual Assistance Where There Are Differing International Standards and Policies (Washington, D.C. 2012)
Organizing Committee: Crime and Criminal Justice – Exploring the International, Transnational and Local Perspectives (Washington, D.C. 2012)
Conference Organizing Committee: Globalization of Crime:“ Criminal Justice Responses (Ottawa, August, 2011)
Moderator: Universal Jurisdiction and Other Responses: Piracy, Terrorism and Transnational Crime (Ottawa, August, 2011)
Panelist: Combating Corruption In Its Various Forms (Lisbon, June 2010)
Panelist: Crimes Against the Environment (Lisbon, June 2010)
Panelist: Participation & Inchoate Offences (Dublin, July 2008)
Moderator: The Corporation and the Criminal Law (Vancouver, June 2007)
Panel Chair: Computer Crime/Internet Pornography (Edinburgh, June 2005)
Panelist: Responding to Threats to National Security: Finding the Balance: Security, Liberty and Justice (Montreal, August 2004)
Panelist: Security Measures and Links to Organized Crime (Montreal, August 2004)
Panelist: “Who” Should Respond to Cyberterrorism? (Charleston, December 2002)

ABA Roundtable - Prosecution and Defense Function Standards

Speaker: What is the Role of the Prosecution and Defense Function Standards, and Should They Be Progressive? (Austin, November 2010)(Los Angeles, October 2010) (Tampa, September 2010)

George Mason/NACDL - Overcriminalization 2.0 Symposium

Co-Organizer and Moderator (Washington, D.C., October 2010)

ABA CLE Centre Showcase Program

Panelist: The Vanishing Line Between Criminal and Civil Securities Fraud: SEC v. Goldman Sachs and Other Recent Securities Fraud Actions (San Francisco, August 2010)

ABA - Business Law Section

Panelist - The Drawbacks of Clawbacks (Denver, April 2010)

Washington & Lee Law School- Prosecutorial Power: A Transnational Symposium

Commentator - The Independence and Role of the Prosecutor (Lexington, April 2010)

Texas Law School - Review of Litigation - White Collar Crime Symposium

Speaker - Evolution of White Collar Crime (Austin, February, 2010)

Criminal Procedure Discussion Forum (Sponsored by Washington & Lee University Law School, Vanderbilt University Law School, Emory and the University of Louisville's Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, University of Aix-Marseille III, Windsor U. Faculty of Law, University of Mississippi)

Topic: Pleading Blindly (Aix-Marseille, June 2010)
Topic: White Collar Innocence: Irrelevant in the High Stakes Risk Game (Atlanta, December 2008)
Topic: Jose Padilla and Martha Stewart: Who Should Be Charged With Criminal Conduct? (Louisville, November 2004)

University of Chicago Law School - Legal Forum - Symposium 2009: Crime, Criminal Law, and the Recession (Chicago, October 2009)

Speaker: White Collar Crime and the Recession: Was the Chicken or Egg First?

Southwestern Law School - Journal of International Law Symposium - The Future of the Exclusionary Rule American and International Perspectives (Los Angeles, October 2009)

Speaker: Welcome to the Other Side of the Railroad Tracks: A Meaningless Exclusionary Rule


Speaker: How to Change Your Skeptics to Supporters: From the Management Side and the Faculty Side (with Bobbi Flowers) (Boulder, June 2009)
Speaker: Best Practices for Asynchronous Electronic Education (Distance Learning) (Baltimore, June 2008)
Speaker: Considerations in Building an Online Law Course (Las Vegas, June 2007)
Speaker: Comparing Two Models of Distance Education(Fort Lauderdale, June 2006)

Georgetown University Law School -Corporate Criminal Law Conference (Washington, D.C., April, 2009)

Panelist: How Should Corporate Compliance Programs Be Factored into Government Decision Making

Northwestern University Law School - Judicial Education Program (Chicago, April, 2009)

Panel: Erosion of Attorney-Client Privilege and Deferred Prosecution Agreements
Panel: Crime and the Financial Crisis

St. Thomas University School of Law (Miami, March 2009)

Speaker: Prosecutors and the Road to Justice

St. Mary's Law School (Gulfport & San Antonio, March 2009)

Faculty Colloquium, Distance Learning (Transmitted via Distance Learning)

Harvard Law School - Harvard Civil Rights - Civil Liberties Law Review - Jena Six Conference (Boston, March 2009)

Speaker: Race-ing Prosecutors’ Ethics Codes

Louisville Law School - Law Review Symposium (Louisville, February 2009)

Topic: Cybercrime: Discretionary Jurisdiction

Florida Coastal School of Law (Gulfport & Jacksonville, February 2009)

Faculty Colloquium, Distance Learning (Transmitted via Distance Learning)

ABA Sentencing Advocacy, Practice and Reform Institute

Moderator: The Future of White Collar Sentencing Practice: What Practitioners Need to Know (Washington, D.C. October 2008)

White Collar Crime Institute (Federal Bar Association, ABA, Stetson)

Introduction (Tampa, May 2008)

Chronicle of Higher Education

Panelist: How Professors Are Using Technology: A Report From the Trenches (Tampa, February 2008)

Northern Kentucky University, Salmon Chase School of Law (Gulfport & Highland Heights, February 2008)

Faculty Colloquium, Distance Learning (Transmitted via Distance Learning)

ABA Administrative Law Conference

Panelist: Corporate Deferred Prosecution Agreements: Issues in Hybrid Enforcement (Washington, D.C. October 2007)

42nd Annual Minnesota Criminal Justice Institute (Minneapolis, August 2007)

Keynote Speech: Deferred Prosecution Agreements
Breakout Session Speaker: White Collar Crime

Distance Learning Conference

Co-Presenter: Legal and Practical Considerations in Developing and Effectuating Online Courses (w/ Deborah Brown) (Madison, Wisconsin, August 2007)

Stetson University College of Law & Florida Bar- What’s Happening to the News Business?

Panelist: Media in the Spin Cycle - When Reporters Become the News (Tampa, June 2007)

Symposium - Corporate Criminality: Legal, Ethical, & Managerial Implications
Georgetown Law Center (Washington D.C., March 2007)

Moderator: The Challenge of Cooperation
Presenter: Corporations Should Be Allowed A Good Faith Affirmative Defense

Texas Public Policy Forum (Austin, February 2007)

Panelist: Business Overcriminalization: From Arthur Andersen to Farmers and Fisherman

Institute of Continuing Legal Education in Georgia (Atlanta, December 6, 2006)

Luncheon Speaker - “Is it a White Collar Crime”

U.S. Chamber of Commerce - 7th Annual Legal Reform Summit (Washington, D.C., October 26, 2006)

Panelist: Criminalization of Corporate Conduct

Harvard University

Commentator, Bloggership Symposium (Boston, Massachusetts, April 2006)

Hofstra University School of Law (Gulfport & Hempstead, April 2006)

Faculty Colloquium, Distance Learning (Transmitted via Distance Learning)

University of Maryland (Baltimore, April 2006)

Roundtable on the Criminalization of Corporate Law

Oxford Roundtable (Oxford, March 2006)

Speaker: The Challenge of White Collar Sentencing

St Thomas University School of Law (Miami, March 2006)

Panelist: Economic Crime in the 21st Century

Case Western School of Law: Frederick K. Cox International Law Center (Cleveland, October 2005)

Introducing Speaker: Torture and the War on Terrorism (w/ Professor Roger Clark)

Stetson University College of Law (Tampa, October 2005)

Moderator: Lofton and the Future of Lesbian and Gay Adoption (Panel on Interdisciplinary Perspectives)

Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Topic : Oral Argument: Making it Appealing (Atlanta, January 2006)
Topic: Computer, Mail, & Wire Fraud Update (Daufuskie Island, April, 2005) Topic: Mail Fraud (Unicoi, November 1995)

McGeorge School of Law - The 12th Annual Pacific McGeorge Distinguished Speaker Series (Sacramento, March 2005)

Topic: The Extraterritorial Prosecution of White Collar Crime: Are There Any Limits?
Faculty Colloquium - Computer, Mail, & Wire Fraud Update

American University, Washington College of Law (Symposium Sponsored by the American University Law Review, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Heritage Foundation)(Washington, D.C., October 2004)

Moderator & Organizer: Panel, The Politics of Crime

Washburn University Law School, Symposium: Enron Three Years Later: A White Collar Crime Scorecard (Topeka, October 2004)

Topic: Arthur Andersen, LLP. and Martha Stewart: Should the Government Have Charged Obstruction of Justice?
Topic: Mail Fraud: Limiting the Limitless

Cleveland Marshall Law School, Criminal Justice Forum (Cleveland, September 2004)

Topic: Jose Padilla and Martha Stewart: Who Should Be Charged With Criminal Conduct

Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers (APRL)(Atlanta, August 2004)

Panelist: Ethics and Criminal Law: How to Deal with False Client Evidence

Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (Madison, June 2004)

Speaker: Mail Fraud: Limiting the Limitless

Law & Society Association

Moderator/Discussant: Civil Liberties and Terrorism: Finding the Appropriate Balance (Chicago, May 2004)
Speaker: The Limits of Criminal Law in Assessing Appropriate Extraterritorial Criminal Jurisdiction (Vancouver, June 2002)

Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers- Law & All That Jazz (New Orleans, April 2004)

Speaker: Ethics: Making Sure the Prosecutor’s Notes are in Key

Indiana University School of Law at Indianapolis - Faculty Colloquium (Indianapolis, November, 2003)

Speaker: Department of Justice Guidelines: Balancing "Discretionary Justice"

ABA Criminal Justice Fall Seminar

Speaker: U.S. Prosecution of Foreign Crimes: Challenges & Debates (Washington, D.C., October, 2012)
Speaker: Jurisdiction - International Criminal Law Primer (Washington, D.C., November, 2003)

Wayne State Law School-Symposium: International Justice (Detroit, October 2003)

Speaker: CyberCrime: National, Transnational, or International?

The George Washington University Law School (Washington, D.C., October, 2003)

Moderator: Symposium: The Future of Internet Surveillance Law

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta (Atlanta, April 2003)

Topic: Patriot Act

Georgia State University College of Law-

Speaker: Gay Panic - Student Law Day Program for GLBT Student Organization (Atlanta, April 2003)
Panelist at Student Forum on Forfeiture (Atlanta, October 2002)
Panelist at Student Forum on Anti-Terrorism Laws (Atlanta, January 2002)
Topic: Attorney General’s Order on Attorney - Client Monitoring in Prisons

Georgetown University Law School - Gideon at 40: Facing the Crisis, Fulfilling the Promise (Washington, D.C., March 2003)

Moderator: Setting the Stage: Background on the Case of Gideon v. Wainwright

Center for International Legal Studies (Steamboat Springs, February 2003)
Who Should Prosecute Cybercrime?

International Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal Sciences (ISISC) (Siracusa, November 2002)

Panel: International Crimes: Criteria for their Identification and Classification, and Future Developments/Topic: Cybercrime-Cyberterrorism

Federal Defenders’ Conference

Speaker: Mail Fraud: Limiting What Might Appear to be Limitless (Montgomery, November 2002)
Speaker: Ethics and Professionalism Issues: Total Client Advocacy (Montgomery, November 2001)
Speaker: Mail and Wire Fraud: Redefining the Boundaries (Detroit, September 1998)

University of Georgia School of Law - Panelist at Student Forum of Georgia Society for International and Comparative Law (Athens, September 2002)

Institute of Continuing Legal Education in Georgia - Seminar Speaker, Panelist, Faculty

Topic: 9th Annual United States Supreme Court Update - Developments in Anti-Terrorism (Atlanta, September 2002)
Faculty: Georgia Trial Skills Clinic (Athens, June 2000)
Panelist: Crack Cocaine Sentencing Guidelines (Savannah, June 1994)
Topic: Ethical Considerations in Civil Jury Trial Practice (Atlanta, April 1993)

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania - Carol and Lawrence Zicklin Center for Business Ethics Research (Philadelphia, March 2002)

Topic: The United States Prosecution of Extraterritorial Business Crimes

University of Alabama

Speaker: GLBT Student Organization (Tuscaloosa, October 2001)
Faculty Colloquium: International Computer Fraud: A Paradigm for a Limited National Jurisdiction (Tuscaloosa, October 2001)
Panelist: Student Forum - America At War (Tuscaloosa, September 2001)

Notre Dame Law School - Symposium on Legal Education (South Bend, March 2001)

Topic: Professionalism in the Law School Environment

Cardozo School of Law - Symposium on The Cooperating Witness Conundrum: Is Justice Obtainable? (Jacob Burns Ethics Center - Cardozo Law Review) (New York, November 2000)

Panelist/Speaker: White Collar Cooperators: The Government in Employer-Employee Relationships

Georgia Indigent Defenders' Office - Seminar Speaker and Moderator

Moderator: Symposium on Indigent Defense in Georgia (Atlanta, November 2000)
Speaker: Ethical Considerations and Prosecutorial Misconduct (Atlanta, December 1992)

Lavender Law Conference (Washington, D.C., October 2000)

Panelist: Law School Environment (Washington, D.C., October 2000)
Panelist: Law Teaching (Washington, D.C., October 2000)

New England School of Law - Symposium on Crimes for Economic Gain in the New Millennium -New England Journal on Criminal and Civil Confinement (Boston, February 2000)

Topic: Globalization of White Collar Crime

Yale Law School - Seminar for LLMs, JSDs, and Visiting Scholars (New Haven, December 1998)

Topic: Criminal Discovery of Jencks Witness Statements

Quinnipiac College School of Law - Faculty Luncheon Speaker (Hamden, November 1998)

Topic: Criminal Fraud

Georgia State University College of Law - Symposium on Federal Criminal Discovery (Atlanta, November 1998)

Moderator: Symposium on Federal Criminal Discovery

Annual Federal Defenders’ Conference (Sponsored by the Federal Judicial Center)

Speaker: Mail and Wire Fraud: Redefining the Boundaries (Atlanta, March 1998)
Moderator: Experiencing Ethics (San Diego, March 1997)

Annual Investigators and Paralegal Seminar (Sponsored by the Federal Judicial Center)(San Diego, March 1998)

Speaker: Mail and Wire Fraud: Redefining the Boundaries

St. Thomas University School of Law-Symposium on Criminal Law (Miami, February 1998)

Speaker: Mail Fraud: Redefining the Boundaries

International Law Weekend ‘97 (New York, November 1997)

Topic: White Collar From A Global Perspective

Third International Conference on the Sources of Contemporary Law (Jerusalem, July 1996)

Topic: White Collar Crime

Constitutional Challenges in a Decade of Change (Atlanta, January 1996)

Moderator: Privacy (Terrorism)

Florida Public Defenders’ Association - Seminar Speaker

Topic: Ethics (Stuart, August 1995)

Fourteenth Annual Atlanta College of Trial Advocacy (Atlanta, August 1994)


Emory Trial Techniques Program (Atlanta, May 1994)

Panelist: Ethics

Law Education Institute/BNA Criminal Law Review Seminar

Topic: Mail Fraud: Limiting the Limitless (Orlando, March 1994)
Topic: Gender Peremptory Challenges (Palm Springs, March 1993)
Topic: Prosecutorial Misconduct (Orlando, March 1992)

Georgetown University School of Business Administration - John F. Connelly Business Ethics Seminar Series (Washington, October 1993)

Topic: White Collar and Corporate Crime

Eleventh Annual Federal Practice Seminar - Seminar Speaker and Moderator (Atlanta, December 1992)

Topic: Professionalism and Gender Bias
Moderator: Ethical Issues in the Federal Courts

Georgia Law-Related Education Consortium - 7th Annual Workshop (Atlanta, 1992)

Topic: Current Constitutional Issues in Criminal Justice

Business and Professional Women's Association - Dinner Speaker (Cartersville, 1992)

National Institute of Trial Advocacy

Instructor (Fort Lauderdale, 1992)
Judge (Fort Lauderdale, 1991)
Judge (Fort Lauderdale, 1989)
Judge (Philadelphia, 1989)

Florida Bar Association/Bridge the Gap Speaker

Topic: Ethics (Miami, March 1991)
Topic: Ethics and Professionalism (Miami, October 1990)

Miami University School of Law-Women Law Professor's Conference (Miami, October, 1990)

Topic: Writing the First Article (Discussion Leader)

Indiana Public Defender's Council - Seminar Speaker

Topic: 1988 Supreme Court Review (Indianapolis, June 1989)
Topic: Prosecutorial Misconduct (Indianapolis, 1988)
(Reviewed in 2 BNA CRIM. PRAC. MANUAL 102 (1988)