Ellen S. Podgor - Activities


Gary R. Trombley Family White-Collar Crime Research Professor and Professor of Law

B.S., Syracuse University
M.B.A., University of Chicago
J.D., Indiana University at Indianapolis
LL.M., Temple University

White Collar Crime, Criminal Law, International Criminal Law, White Collar Advocacy

The American Law Institute (1998-Present)
Members Consultative Group - Model Penal Code: Sentencing (2002-present)
Members Consultative Group - Principles of Government Ethics (2010)
Motion to Oppose the Death Penalty (co-authored w/ Roger Clark)

American Board of Criminal Lawyers, Honorary Member (2004-present)

Lexis Law School Publishing Advisory Board (2008-2010)

NACDL White Collar Criminal Defense College at Stetson (Chair 2011-present)

Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law Amici Board of Advisors (2009-present)

American Association of Law Schools
Criminal Justice Section (Chair 1998); (Chair-Elect 1997); (Secretary 1996);
(Executive Committee 1994-95, 2000-present); (Exam Bank Coordinator 1997-2000)
Sexual Identity and Gender Identity Issues (Executive Committee 2008, 2009)

Southeast Association of Law Schools
Board of Trustees (2010-present)
Program Committee (2003-2006)
Distance Learning Committee (Chair, 2006-2009)
Call For Papers Committee (Chair, 2006)

International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law (2002-Present)
Board of Directors (2002-Present)

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (1979-Present)
Board of Directors (2002 - 8/2008)
White Collar Crime Committee (Co-Chair 2005 - 2006) (Member 2007-08, 2010)
Nominations Committee (2007)
Executive Director Search & Screening Committee (2007)
Tech Committee (2007-present)
Gideon Symposium (Co-Chair 2002-03)
Politics of Crime Symposium (Co-Chair 2004)
Champion Advisory Board - (Co-Chair 1999-Present); (Member 1995-1998)
Federal Circuit Oral Argument Panel (11th Circuit Co-Coordinator) (2002 - 2006)
Public Affairs Council (Vice-Chair 2005-Present); (Member 2003 - 2007)
Discovery Reform Committee- (Co-Chair 1998-Sept. 2000) (Past-Chair Sept. 2000-2001)
Discovery Task Force (2009-present)
Ethics Advisory Committee - (Co-Chair 1995, 1998) (Vice-Chair 1993-94, 1996-97)
(Member 1991-92)
Law Professors Advisory Council (1991-92)
Law Student Division Committee (Vice-Chair 1991)
8300 Task Force (Co-Chair 1993-94) (Vice-Chair 1995-96)
Continuing Legal Education Committee (Vice-Chair 1993-94)

International Association of Penal Law-American National Section (2001-Present)
Executive Board (2003-present)

BNA Criminal Practice Manual, Advisory Board (1991-2003)

American Society of International Law (member) (2001-Present)

Society of American Law Teachers (SALT) (member)

National Lesbian and Gay Law Association (2000-Present)

American Bar Association (1978 - present)
ABA Site Inspection Team (2010)
ABA Factfinding Team (2007)
Criminal Justice Section
Task Force on the Prosecution and Defense Function (2006-8/2008)
White Collar Crime Committee (1992-Present)
Defense Services Committee (1991-92)
International Law Committee (Vice-Chair 2001-2006)
Section on Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar
Technology Committee (Chair, 2010; 2007-present)
Pre-Law Committee (1995-2001)
Professionalism Committee (2000-2002)
Judge of the final round of the ABA Law Student Negotiation Competition - 1988

Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (1992-2006)

Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (1990-91; 2010)

Florida Bar Association (Associate Member 1990-91; 2010)
Grievance Committee (Member 1990-91)

Florida Association of Women Lawyers - Dade County Chapter (1990-91)
Law School Liaison Committee, Co-Chair (1990-91)

Women Lawyer's Association of Lake & Porter County (1978-86)
(President 1978-80)

Stonewall Bar Association (1999-2006)

Indiana Bar Association (1976- Present)

Anti-Defamation League - Georgia Civil Rights Committee (1999-2003)

Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers (2004-present)