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Marleen A. O'Connor - Publications


Professor of Law

B.S., DePaul University
J.D., Duke University

Book Chapters

Labors' Role in the Shareholder Revolution, in Working Capital: The Power of Labor's Pensions (Archon Fung ed., IRL Press 2001).

Comment, in The New Relationship: Human Capital in the American Corporation (Margaret Blair ed., Brookings
Inst. 2000).

Labor's Capital and Rule 14a-8: Power, Politics and Ideology, inNew York University School of Law's
Proceedings on the 50th Annual Conference of Labor
(Sam Estreicher ed., N.Y. U. Sch. of L. 1998).

Global Capitalism and the Evolution of American Corporate Governance Institutions, in Perspectives on
Company Law
(Fiona Patfield ed., Kluwer L. Intl. 1997).


Women Executives in Gladiator Corporate Cultures: The Behavioral Dynamics of Gender, Ego, and Power, 65
Md. L. Rev. 465 (2006).

Corporate Social Responsibility for Work/Family Balance, 79 St. John's L. Rev. 1193 (2005).

American Corporate Governance and Children: Investing in Our Future Human Capital during Turbulent Times,
77 S. Cal. L. Rev. 1255 (2004).

The Enron Board: The Perils of Groupthink, 71 U. Cin. L. Rev. 1233 (2003).

Labor's Role in the American Corporate Governance Structure (Employees and Corporate Governance), 22
Comp. Lab. L. & Policy J. 97 (2000).

Rethinking Corporate Financial Disclosure for the Knowledge-Based Economy, 1 U. Pa. J. Lab. & Empl. L. 527

Organized Labor as Shareholder Activist: Building Coalitions to Promote Worker Capitalism, 31 Rich. L. Rev.
1345 (1997).

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