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Kirsten K. Davis - Publications


Professor of Law, Director of Legal Research and Writing, and Director of the Institute for Advancement of Legal Communication

B.A., The Ohio State University
J.D., Michael E. Moritz College of Law at The Ohio State University
Ph.D., Arizona State University, Hugh Downs School of Human Communication

Professional Responsibility, Research and Writing I and II, Advanced Legal Writing, Legal Discourse and Rhetorical Theory, Freedom of Expression

Legal Forms as Rhetorical Transaction: Competency in the Context of Information and Efficiency
, 79 U.M.K.C. L. Rev. 667 (2011).

Extending the Vision: An Empowerment Identity Approach to Work-Family Regulation as Applied to School Involvement Leave Statutes, 16 William & Mary J. of Women & L. 613 (2010).

The Rhetoric of Accommodation: Considering the Language of Work/Family Discourse, 3 U. St.
Thomas L. Rev. 530 (2007).

Building Credibility in the Margins: An Ethos-Based Perspective on Commenting on Student Papers,
12 Leg. Writing 73 (2006).

Persuasion through Organization: The Final Installment: Transitions, 42 Ariz. Atty. 30 (Nov. 2005).

Persuasive through Organization: Another in a Series: Thesis Sentences, 42 Ariz. Atty. 50 (Sept.

Take the Lime and the Apple and Mix'em All Up, 20 Second Draft (Bull. of Leg. Writing Inst.) 13 (Aug.

Roadmap Paragraphs: Plotting Success from the Opening Line, 41 Ariz. Atty. 26 (Nov. 2004).

Don't Overlook the Legal Style Manual, 41 Ariz. Atty. 12 (Sept. 2004).

The ALWD Citation Manual: A Practice-Driven Improvement, 40 Ariz. Atty. 24 (June 2004) (co-author
Tamara Herrera).

Three Key Plays for the Writing Coach, 40 Ariz. Atty. 12 (Mar. 2004).

Designing and Using Peer Review in a First-Year Legal Research and Writing Course, 9 Leg. Writing 1

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