The Central Text for the Course

media/Bass-picture.JPGDr. Jack Bass is professor of humanities and social
sciences emeritus at the College of Charleston. He is the
author or co-author of eight books on the history of the
American South. His works have focused on Southern
politics, race relations, and the role of law in shaping the
civil rights era. A graduate of the University of South
Carolina, Dr. Bass studied as a Nieman Fellow at
Harvard and received a Ph.D. in American Studies from
Emory University. After 13 years as a newspaper
reporter and editor, twice named South Carolina
"journalist of the year," he spent two years as a research
scholar at Duke University and 18 months at the Institute
of Legal History at the University of South Carolina. He
served for five years as director of American South
Special Projects at the University of South Carolina, 
where he produced a 14-part television course, "The American South Comes of Age." He has written for the Los Angeles Times, Atlanta Constitution, Washington Post, The New Republic, The Nation, and the New York Times.