Speakers - National Conference on Law and Higher Education

Keynote Speakers

John R. Kroger
E. Gordon Gee

Guest Speakers

Liz McMillen
Vanessa M. Grigoriadis

Session Speakers

David Armstrong
Terriane Bailey
Elizabeth Brenner
Bill Burger
Timothy Burke
Eric Butler
Crystal Coombes
S. Daniel Carter
Gene Deisinger
Oren Griffin
Leslie Gomez
Adam Jussell
Johnathan Kassa
Jim Kessler
Peter F. Lake
Debbie Osgood
Davis O'Guinn
Jacob Rooksby
Laura Rothstein
Gina M. Smith
Beth Stathos
Roshni Thackurdeen
William Thro
Julie Valentine
Susan Wheeler

List of Speakers will be updated regularly as the conference approaches, follow us on social media to stay up to date!

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