Webprint for Apple – Driver Update Required

Hello, Everyone, and welcome back!

During the winter break, all webprint printers in Gulfport and Tampa were upgraded from the older Kyocera models to faster, higher capacity Canon printers. This change will necessitate an update in printer drivers for Apple computers only. This can be easily done by following the instructions below or you can visit us – either at the Technology Support Center or the I.T. support station located in the Ives room of the law library to have us update the drivers for you. Please note that until you change your existing driver, attempts to print through webprint printers on Apple computers will result in a corrupted printout and your account may still be charged.

For Mavericks (Mac OS 10.9) systems, the vendor notified us this week that the patch to allow printing through the webprint system will be released sometime in late February. When this occurs, we will notify you.

How To Change a Printer Driver from PostScript to PCL for Mac OS Clients only (Non-Mavericks)

 1) Open System Preferences (On Apple Menu, select System Preferences)

2) Open Print & Scan in the Hardware section

3) Select your WEBPRINT printer from the list and click the Options & Supplies… button

4) Click Driver, then select Generic PCL Printer, and click OK

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