Important Information about Judicial Clerkships

Below is some important information related to Judicial Clerkships:

1. This fall, Professor Jason Palmer will be teaching “Advanced Legal Writing: Writing for the Judiciary.” This distinctive 2-credit course will take place on Tuesdays from 1:00pm-3:00pm and is being offered as pass/fail. I encourage those of you interested in Clerkships (state and federal) to take advantage of this opportunity to gain insight and preparation for the types of writing you will do when serving as a Judicial Clerk. I have included the course description below and encourage you to contact Professor Palmer at to learn more about this unique course while there are still (limited) seats available.

Advanced Legal Writing – Writing for the Judiciary. This course will cover drafting undertaken by judicial staff attorney and judicial clerks. The course will include drafting bench memoranda, trial court documents (i.e. Orders/Memorandum of Law and Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law), appellate court decisions, judicial correspondence, jury instructions, and judicial scripts. The class will also discuss the roles and responsibilities of the judicial clerk, staff attorneys, and judges. Guest speakers will be invited to share their perspectives on the roles of judicial clerks and staff attorneys.

2. As a reminder, OSCAR (Online System for Clerkship Application and Review) is the online resource and application portal utilized to apply for Federal Judicial Clerkships. After you set up your individual OSCAR account, you can learn about each federal judge’s application and hiring preferences, ascertain if and when each judge is hiring, request letters of recommendation, and apply directly for many open positions. These prestigious post-graduate positions provide the unique opportunity to work with a judge. Your active participation reflects upon the reputation of Stetson Law, and we strongly encourage students to apply. As a reminder, beginning tomorrow August 1, 2014 rising 2Ls will have complete access to OSCAR and the ability to complete applications for Federal Judicial Clerkships through OSCAR.


3. For resources pertaining to Judicial Clerkships (state and federal), please see the FAQ’s document and our new Judicial Clerkship Quickstart Guide. These resources will tell you more about what you should do to prepare, and what resources are available to you as you build your application strategy. Please also consult our Judicial Clerkship Toolkit for additional advice on building an application strategy.

Should you have any questions or desire to set-up a group or individual strategy session, please e-mail or call 727-562-7303.

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