Holiday Break Campus Projects

The Facilities Department has several significant projects planned for the Holiday Break. We want the community to be aware of the major projects and their impact even during the break.

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Library: A new roof is schedule for the tower and the attached shed. This work will start after December 13th. There will be a crane in the north parking lot for the 5 day project. The entire lot will not be closed. The crane will be parked in the spaces along the south end of the lot, next to the library. Please plan to use another lot or park in a different spot. They will also attach the trim for the roof grill that was installed a couple of months ago.

15th Ave. S.: The Avenue will be closed for through traffic on December 19th through 23rd. There will be a crane in the road to lift the two generators serving the south plant and replace the fuel tanks. Access to the parking lot will remain. The Avenue closure will block in the area service entrance to the South Chiller plant. The City has approved the permit for closing the street and the vendor is responsible for the project.

E & F dorms and E Offices: The people in the buildings have been contacted directly. However, Blume Mechanical will have four crews on site starting on December 13th through January 6th (except for the 15th graduation). One working on the exterior piping by the Business Office, one working in the attic of E&F wings, one working in the hallway changing the AHU’s out to the dorms and one working to change pumps, etc. in the South Chiller Plant. The top two floors of E&F will not have AC along with E wing. We will provide heaters as needed.

Classroom A: We will be extending ventilation into the crawl space of the raised seating to help the musty smell in the room. The work will be done after the last exam and December 23rd.

We will also have tree work and several other normal maintenance projects going on.

If you have any question please contact Facilities at 727-562-7373.