Congratulation to Stetson’s ABA NAAC teams!

Please join me in congratulating the members of Stetson’s ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition (NAAC) teams—Kayla Cash, David Wright, Madison Kebler, and Yaffi Hilili, AND Adriana Corso, Michael Rothfeldt, and Scott Tolliver—who competed in the Washington, D.C. regional round this weekend.

The ABA NAAC is one of the most prestigious and well-known moot court competitions in the nation.  This year, 202 teams from 118 law schools will compete in six regional rounds over a three-week period, in hopes of advancing to the National Finals in Chicago in April.  Four teams from each of the six regionals will earn the right to compete at the National Finals, so the regional competitions are fierce!  As of this point, four of the six regional rounds are complete.  And how did Stetson do?

Kayla and David’s team went up against teams from Detroit-Mercy, Baylor, and Capital, before heading into the semi-finals against Alabama, and the finals against George Mason.  Adriana and Michael’s team went up against teams from American, Barry, and the second Alabama team, before heading into the semi-finals against Louisiana State University, and the finals against one of the two teams from Georgetown.  Yes, Stetson had not one, but two teams vying for spots at the National Finals!

And the results?  Kayla and David’s team is heading to Chicago to compete in the National Finals!  And Adriana and Michael’s team gave the team from Georgetown a run for its money and it was close—too close—but the team from Georgetown advanced.  It was close–very close!  As a member of the ABA NAAC Committee, who hosts the regional and national rounds along with ABA Competition Co-Chair Professor Feeley, I heard so many judges compliment the teams competing in the D.C. regionals, especially our Stetson teams!

Congratulations to the ABA NAAC teams—one co-champion and one finalist!  And an extra special thank you to Dean Allen and Jason Stearns, Esq., the teams’ coaches, for all their work with the Moot Court Board!  These two coaches coach a number of our Moot Court teams—and we cannot thank them enough for all they do!

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