Carlton Fields First-Year Appellate Advocacy Competition

Good evening,

Congratulations to the participants in, and the winners of, the Spring 2014 Carlton Fields First-Year Appellate Advocacy Competition.  The competition was held this evening in both the FR and Sebring Courtrooms.  Please join me in congratulating ALL of these students for their hard work and extraordinary performances.

First Place
Sushil Cheema (FR Courtroom)
Viktoryia Johnson (Sebring Courtroom)

Second Place
Giovanni P. Giarratana (FR Courtroom)
Gregory Pierson (Sebring Courtroom)

Third Place
John Louis Striano (FR Courtroom)
Maria Babajanian (Sebring Courtroom)

Participants and Round Winners:

In the FR Courtroom:
Round 1:  Drew C. Gilmore v. John Louis Striano (round winner)
Round 2:  Brittany Cover v. Giovanni P. Giarratana (round winner)
Round 3:  Jeremy A. Rill v. Michele J. Fusco (tied)
Round 4: Sushil Cheema (round winner) v. Correy Johnson

In the Sebring Courtroom:
Round 1:  William J. Casey, IV (round winner) v. Rahma Sultan
Round 2:  Evan Sidman (round winner) v. Elizabeth Britzke Harbaugh
Round 3:  Viktoryia Johnson v. Gregory Pierson (tied)
Round 4:  Maria Babajanian (round winner) v. Lara E. McGuire

We would like to thank Carlton Fields for sponsoring the competition for the seventeenth year!  We are extremely grateful for Carlton Fields’s continual support of the competition.

A special thanks goes to our judges from Carlton Fields:  In the FR Courtroom, Joseph Lang, Jr. (Chief Judge), Lannie Hough, Jr., and Lori Baggett.  In the Sebring Courtroom, Matt Conigliaro (Chief Judge), Luis Prats, and Mariko Shitama.

Congratulations to the students and thank you to Carlton Fields!

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