Campus Student Insurance Plan

Having insurance is a non-academic condition of attending Stetson University College of Law. If a student does not have adequate coverage, the student must complete the enrollment form and submit it, along with payment, to the Business Office. You can access information about the student plan at .  Select ‘Stetson Law-Gulfport/Tampa’ in the drop down menu and click the Review Brochures link. Print the enrollment form and submit to the Stetson Law Business Office.

The enrollment grace period ends 5 p.m., February 8, 2014 in order to have coverage that starts on the initial policy date of January 9, 2014. If you enroll in the plan after February 8, 2014, your policy start date will be the date your enrollment form is received by our insurance provider, First Student. If you enrolled in the Fall and elected annual, there is no need to resubmit forms.  Your coverage will end August 11, 2014.