Attention—Seminar and IRP Students

Welcome back!

If you are taking a seminar or an independent research project class this fall to fulfill the upper-level writing requirement, you may be required to watch the Scholarly Writing Series programs, so please keep reading.

These programs are available, as web casts on a Westlaw TWEN page entitled, “Stetson’s Scholarly Writing Series.” Each web cast is about 35 to 55 minutes long. The four programs that are offered in the series are

  1. Introduction to Scholarly Writing;
  2. Topic Selection and Research;
  3. Organization and Thesis; and
  4. Proper Attribution.

The release of these programs will be staggered. All four web casts (and accompanying handouts) will be available throughout the semester; however, the quizzes (that accompany the three “main” programs—numbers 2, 3, and 4 above) will be released during the time in which you should be at that specific point in the writing process.

At this point, the webcasts are being re-taped and new quizzes developed, given a change in the technology. Watch these Announcements for more information about the Scholarly Writing Series programs.

Professor Bowman