Edited Version: Advocacy Tryouts–Deadline for Registration is a week away!

Interested in trying out for one or more of Stetson’s award-winning Advocacy Boards–ADR, Trial Team, or Moot Court?

The 2014 Tryout Information packet and the video from the informational session are posted on the Advocacy Board Tryouts web page (located at http://www.stetson.edu/law/academics/advocacy/home/advocacy-board-tryout.php). This is the web page for all information that you need concerning the 2014 Advocacy Board Tryouts.

**The deadline for registering for the Tryouts is 12:00 noon on Friday, May 30.**

If you have questions about any of the Advocacy Boards, please contact the faculty advisors:

Two additions to the announcement posted on Thursday, May 22:

  • For the Moot Court tryouts, candidates will need a copy of ALWD Guide to Legal Citation, fifth edition (published by Aspen Publishers in 2014).  The Bluebook will work fine as well.  The citations created using either the fifth edition of the ALWD Guide to Legal Citation and The Bluebook are exactly the same.
  • Many questions have been asked concerning whether it would be best to wait until grades are released to sign-up for the tryouts.  Since grades are due by noon on Monday, June 2, and the deadline to sign-up for the tryouts is noon on Friday, May 30, sign-up for the tryouts first.  There is plenty of time before the deadline for withdrawals.

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