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Meet Alumni Veterans

Stetson University College of Law honors all of those who have served in our nation's military. Read the profiles below to learn more about a few of the veterans who have recently graduated from Stetson Law. 



Dagmara Bastiks - Navy

The people who serve have a lot of dedication and commitment. The adventure aspect is certainly present. You do much more than practice medicine or law.

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David Fernandez - Navy

The Navy taught me to be focused and driven regardless of the environment or surrounding circumstances, especially in high stress situations, and to overcome fear of the unknown.

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David Veenstra - Air Force

What I think the average person should know is the thing service members have in common: the real and personal cost and sacrifice that comes part and parcel with serving.

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Jeff Harvey

Jeff Harvey - Army

I selected Stetson Law because of the emphasis it places on practical skills. By choosing law as a second career, it is important to me to be able to hit the ground running as an attorney once I graduate.

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John Crawford - Army

I learned to place the welfare of others above my own welfare when needed. If not for the military, I would not have succeeded in life, much less in law school.

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Jon McGill - Air Force

I've found Stetson Law to be a perfect fit for my goals. The philosophy here is one that mirrors military philosophy because there is a heavy emphasis on success and teamwork.

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Lawrence Miccolis - Marine Corps

I could not have asked for greater support while deployed and the warm welcomes home, which shows Americans understand the dedication and sacrifice in defending our nation.

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Rachel Sanders - Air Force

Throughout my time in the military I learned to never be satisfied with the status quo. I possess the ability to make things better, and I have a duty to use that ability for the greater good, which leads to why I am in law school.

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Robert Stines - Army

Serving in the military is not easy. For many service men and women, every day in the military is a personal sacrifice, but all of them serve with a smile, if not on their faces in their hearts.

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Ryan Nichols - Marine Corps

Serving in the Marines has been a huge part of my success in law school because of the high level of discipline that is required.

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Stephanie Broad - Army

It's a completely different existence, and I just ask civilians not to judge soldiers when they meet them on the street and don't completely understand why they seem "different."

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