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Changes to Summer Semester

Hello!!!  I wanted to keep you all up to date with the most recent changes to important dates for the summer semester here at Stetson College of Law. 

Bidding for summer classes will start around 10 a.m. on MARCH 16th.  The deadline to enter and adjust your bids will be MARCH 28th by 6:00 p.m. 

After you have made your class selections and they are final, you can send the Summer Request Form for financial aid to our office. 


Summer Financial Aid

It’s that time again!  We are getting closer to the summer and we wanted to let you know that the Summer Financial aid Request Form has been emailed out to the student body.  If you didn’t receive it, please contact the Office of Student Financial Planning at to request one or if you have any questions about it. 

  • Forms are due April 27th, 2012.  You can drop it off, email or fax it back to us once you are 99.9% sure of the classes that you will be taking.  
  • Please don’t drop it off if your schedule is tentative, wait for it to finalize. 
  • Be sure to talk to the Registrar’s Office about residency credits and possibly graduating early by taking summers. 

In addition to a variety of classes and lengths, this summer there are study abroad trips to China, Argentina, Spain and more!  You can receive Financial funding up to the cost of attendance for these trips as well!

Tuesday Tips

We all could use some tips regarding our finances.  It’s one area of our lives that we can benefit from continual learning.  One great resource is which is a government supported website aimed to educate Americans about all aspects of their finances in order to help them make more informed decisions towards a more financially secure future.  Here is a list of our favorite articles on their website to get you started!

1.  5 Tips for Improving Your Credit Score

2.  Money Smart- A Financial Education Program

3.  Top 11 Tips from 2011

Tell us what you think!

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