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Accessibility Resources - Documentation and Testing Costs

The student is responsible for providing initial documentation and bears the costs associated with obtaining it. If the initial documentation is incomplete or inadequate to determine the existence of a disability, its present extent, or appropriate accommodations, the ADA Coordinator may request supplemental documentation or assessment of the disability. The cost of the supplementary documentation or assessment is the student's responsibility.

The College does not conduct testing for disabilities and all expenses incurred for the testing are the responsibility of the student. Securing appropriate documentation can be a costly and lengthy process. Consider talking with your medical insurance, as they may cover a portion or all of the testing costs. In addition, some teaching hospitals or psychology training sites offer low-fee testing services. The ADA Coordinator can also provide a referral list of local professionals upon request.

The College may, at its own expense, require a second opinion regarding any claimed disability or the need for reasonable accommodation. Such decisions are made on a case-by-case basis after examining the student's documentation. If the ADA Coordinator requires a second opinion—which may include getting a second opinion regarding the documentation or a reevaluation of the disability—the College may select the practitioner and will bear the cost of the second assessment.

The ADA Coordinator may also require a student to provide additional competent medical documentation evidencing the need for continued academic accommodations any time that it appears that the student's disability has substantially changed in character, or if a student who has been granted academic accommodations requests additional accommodations not supported by previously provided documentation. Again, the student bears the cost of providing such documentation.