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News Media 2013/2014

  • “Judge’s Ruling Tilts Curricular Control Toward CUNY Administrators”, Chronicle of Higher Education, 2/26/14
  • “What about prevention?”, University Business, 2/21/14
  • “The Dark Power of Fraternities”, The Atlantic, 2/19/14
  • “How Colleges Flunk Mental Health”, Newsweek, 2/11/14
  • “Expect Ramped-Up Student Safety Enforcement in 2014”, Magna Publications, 1/16/14
  • “Feds tighten rules on campus sexual violence cases”, USA Today, 11/1/13
  • “College women: stop getting drunk”, Slate, 10/15/13
  • “Kennedy ’77 discusses benefits of “positive discrimination in new book on affirmative action”, Daily Princetonian, 9/29/13
  • “3 Accused of Sexual Misconduct Say Colleges Acted Hastily and Assumed Guilt”, Chronicle of Higher Education, 9/11/13
  • “Shaping a Drinking Culture on Yale’s Campus”, Yale Daily News, 9/6/13
  • “Campus Safety Clearinghouse”, Inside Higher Ed, 9/6/13
  • “Welcome to Compliance U: The Board’s Role in the Regulatory Era”, Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, 8/15/13
  • “What the New Campus Safety Center Can Accomplish”, Chronicle of Higher Education, 7/15/13
  • “Faust, Experts Weigh In on Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action Ruling”, Harvard Crimson, 6/25/13
  • “Breaking with Norms, New Chief Lawyer at Rutgers U. Enters Fray”, Chronicle of Higher Education, 6/6/13
  • "Going Home”, U Wire, 5/30/13
  • “Yale U. Is Fined $165,000 K Under Crime Reporting Law”, Chronicle of Higher Education, 5/16/13
  • “Steger stepping down after 14 years as Tech’s president”, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 5/15/13
  • “Federal Warning Against Retaliation Raises Questions for Colleges”, Chronicle of Higher Education, 4/29/13
  • “Experts Address University Emergency Response”, Harvard Crimson, 4/23/13
  • “Students’ Prior Criminal Histories Don’t Predict Future Misconduct, Research Finds”, Chronicle of Higher Education, 4/18/13
  • “Frats Worse than Animal House Fail to Pay for Casualties”, Bloomberg, 3/28/13
  • “Efficiency and Academic Freedom Clash in a Fight at CUNY”, Chronicle of Higher Education, 3/25/13
  • “Past investigations can offer clues in UNC-CH case”, Associated Press, 3/16/13
  • “Darnell, Title IX links probed”, Yale Daily News, 2/27/13
  • “As Campuses Build Ties With Law Enforcement, Experts Say Privacy Issues Will Arise”, Chronicle of Higher Education, 2/21/13
  • "Group Seeks to Develop a More Useful Gauge of Campus Safety”, Chronicle of Higher Education, 2/18/13
  • "FSCJ collecting VA money from students despite confusion over source of GI Bill debt", The Times Union Jacksonville, 2/10/13
  • "BSU or 'Compliance U?'", Star Press, 2/2/13


Book Cover Robert Bickel and Peter Lake
The Rights and Responsibilities of the Modern University: Who Assumes the Risks of College Life?
Carolina Academic Press
(919) 489-7486 ISBN 0-89089-675-5 (1999)
Book Cover Darby Dickerson
"Legal Issues for Campus Administrators, Faculty, and Staff," in College Student Mental Health
(Sherri A. Benton & Stephen L. Benton eds., NASPA 2007)
Book Cover Professor Peter Lake
Beyond Discipline: Managing the Modern Higher Education Environment
Hierophant Enterprises Inc.
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