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Provided below are consumer news and alerts regarding current and developing matters in the area of elder consumer protection and awareness. Please feel free to contact us for additional information, guidance, or assistance regarding any of the details or matters discussed in the brief notices provided below.

Note: The Elder Consumer Protection Program does not offer or provide legal services or legal representation. Any information contained or provided herein is not legal advice, is not a definite statement of the law, and is not a complete analysis of the area of reference.

Update: Confusion Over Health Care Reform (08-2013)

Update: Hot Topic - Utility Scams (08-2013)

Update: Don't Get Taken on a Phishing Expedition (07-2013)

Update: Responding to Debt Collectors (07-2013)

Update: Making Home Repairs? Hire a Licensed Contractor (06-2013)

Update: Fraud Prevention Starts with Smart Consumers (05-2013)

Update: May is Older Americans Month (05-2013)

Update: Better Business Bureau Ranks Top Scams of 2012 (04-2013)

Update: Tax Refund Fraud on the Rise (04-2013)

Update: Jamaican Lottery Scam Targets America's Seniors (04-2013)

Update: New virus holds your computer ransom (04-2013)

Update: Sweepstakes and Lottery Scams (03-2013)

Update: Are the Elderly More Trusting of Strangers? (03-2013)

Update: Medicare Scam (02-2013)

Update: Social Security Direct Deposit Scam (02-2013)

Update: Family-in-Need Scam (02-2013)

Why are the Elderly Targeted for Consumer Fraud and Scams? (02-2013)

Medicare Open Enrollment (11-2011)

Credit Report (05-2011)

Legal Trust Financial Account Scam (02-2011)

Tax Season Scams Frauds (02-2011)

Service Repair Scam (01-2011)

Person-in-Need Scam (01-2011)

Rebate Scams & Frauds (09-2010)

Healthcare Reform Scams & Frauds (09-2010)

Oil Spill Disaster Scams (07-2010)

Bad Check Scam (04-2010)

Work-at-Home Scams (04-2010)

Charity Fraud (01-2010)

UPS FedEx Delivery Failure Email Phishing Scam (12-2009)

Swine Flu Email Phishing Scam (12-2009)

Family-in-Need Scam (11-2009)

AUDIO: You Can't Win a Lottery You Didn't Enter

AUDIO: Medicare Beneficiaries Are Being Targeted in New Scam

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