Consumer Protection Externship

3 Credit Hours

Overseeing Professor:
Mark Bauer, Associate Professor of Law

Program Description:
This externship gives students a practical education in dealing with various consumer scams targeting individuals. Students research and respond to requests for technical assistance about consumer scams and exploitations and refer victims to the various state agencies that have jurisdiction over such matters.

Placement Locations:
• Legal Aid of Manasota

Program Requirements:
• 128 hours per semester;
• 25 pages of work product;
Weekly activity reports;
• Periodic meetings with the overseeing professor; and
• 3-5 page memo reflecting on experience.

Eligibility Requirements:
• Successful completion of all first-year required courses;
• Be in good academic standing;
• Successful completion of Law and Aging (preferred);
• Successful completion of Consumer Protection Law (preferred); and
• Successful completion of Administrative Law (preferred).

Application Requirements:
• Submit a completed application by the appropriate deadline (for more information, see