Bar Exam Preparation

Stetson's Supplemental Bar Preparation Program

To assist students with preparation for the bar examination, a full-time faculty member serves as Stetson University College of Law's director of Bar Preparation Services. In addition, Stetson Law has two assistant directors of Bar Preparation Services to support students and graduates as they prepare to take the bar exam.

Stetson Law's bar preparation program includes, but is not limited to; bar preparation workshops, an essay grading program and a study plan which helps graduates track progress while studying for the exam. We urge Stetson students to be proactive and to take advantage of these opportunities.

Recommended Courses To Take for Early Bar Exam Preparation

The Office of Bar Preparation Services strongly recommends that all students take the following courses before graduating from the College of Law: Trusts and Estates (third year), Business Entities (second year), Commercial Transactions or Secured Transactions and Sales, Leases & Licenses (second or third year), Multistate Strategies and/or Survey of Florida Law (final semester of law school).

Commercial Bar Review Courses

It is critical for law graduates to take a bar preparation course. Although Stetson does not endorse any commercial bar preparation course, representatives from commercial bar review courses are on campus monthly to guide you through the bar review course selection process.

As with the bar examination, you typically can get a much better price on these courses if you sign up early. We recommend that you lock in your rate as a first year law student. Some companies also give student representatives free or partially free courses in return for working for that company. Please consult a student representative or the company director for additional information on this option.

Study Guides

Study guides are published for the Florida portion (Part A) and the Multistate Bar Examination (Part B) of the Florida Bar Examination, and for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE). Study guides for the Multistate Bar Examination and MPRE may be found at

The study guide for the Florida portion includes essay questions from two previous administrations, sample answers to the essay questions, and sample multiple-choice questions. The Study Guide is available in PDF format at no cost on the Florida Board of Bar Examiners' website. From the home page click on the "Checklist, Forms, Study Guide and Information link," then scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Study Guide."